SafetyNet Explained: Why Android Pay and Other Apps Don’t Work on Rooted Devices

Rooting your Android device unlocks the door to customize your Android device however you want, and you can do anything. We have always seen that whenever we root our Android device, we come to know the variety of applications which are not on play store. Now, we have always seen that some applications don’t work on Android and this is because of SafetyNet.

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We have seen Android Pay and other financial applications such as Banking application which are not working on the rooted Android device. The reason behind this is that Google introduced a new thing which is called as SafetyNet.

How did the applications know that your phone is rooted? Why you can’t run those applications on your device? We have seen many other third party applications which are not working on the rooted Android device, and this is all because of the SafetyNet, all these applications check your phone is rooted or not and if your phone has malicious code or malware.

SafetyNet Explained

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SafetyNet How Google Knows your Phone is Rooted

Now, Android offers the SafetyNet API, and this API is the part of Google Play Services. Google allows the developers to use this API to check if the phone is rooted and it checks the health of your Android phones. If you have Android device with an unlocked bootloader or it is rooted.

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The SafetyNet API is designed in such a way that it checks if the device is tempered or if your device is rooted or your device is having malware. Whenever we run any financial application, we see the warning in applications such as Android Pay, Financial apps, Pokemon Go and much more.

SafetyNet Explained

If suppose you buy a new Nexus or Pixel device it has Google Play Store. These apps must pass Google’s Android “Compatibility Test Suite.” If you have rooted your device and or you have unlocked the bootloader, then it won’t allow you to run those applications on your device.

If your device is not rooted and still your are getting this issues on your device, then the reason behind this is your phone is not passing Google’s Android “Compatibility Test Suite.” You need to go to service center and show them the issues which you are encountering on your device or else you can install Magisk manager on your device.

Google Play Service download the program which is called as “SNET.” This Snet checks your device regularly, and it also looks that your device has malicious code or you have rooted your device. It collects all this information, and it sends to Google, and this makes it easy for Google to analyze the ecosystem of Android. Google didn’t explain what information is collected with SNET accurately.

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How to Check SafetyNet Status?

You can also know that if your phone passes the SafetyNet or not just by installing these two apps on your device. Those are SafetyNet Helper Sample or SafetyNet Playground. These two applications ask Google’s SafetyNet service about your device’s status and then gives you the response. This is pretty simple, right?

If you want to read more about the way, how SafetyNet is passed or failed you can read this blog and know more about the inside of SafetyNet.

SafetyNet Explained

Which Apps Checks SafetyNet?

If you are an App developer, then it is up to you. If you are developing a Financial application for the users, you can include the SafetyNet API on your application. If you don’t want to, then it’s magnificent.

SafetyNet Explained

Many developers are afraid. Let’s take an example of Pokemon Go. This application was working fine on the rooted Android device before, but after some days, the app stopped working on the rooted Android device. The reason behind this is cheating which was encountered.

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Android Pay Won’t Work on Rooted Devices

SafetyNet doesn’t check rooted Android device, but it also monitors devices which are having Malware and some suspicious applications which are installed on your device. If you are having an Android phone which is not rooted and still you can’t run the Android Pay, and this is just because there is some malware installed on your device. You can’t do anything to fix it and try to format your phone.

SafetyNet Explained

You might have seen the notice on the rooted Android device saying that Google is unable to verify your device. This is just because your application is having some issues which are reported to Google with the help of SNET.

Final Verdict:

Now, you know what is SafetyNet why Financial applications are not working on your device. I hope you understand about it.

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SafetyNet Explained

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