Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version 6.70 for Android 2019

WhatsApp is been nowadays updated daily and it is coming up with many advanced features. Such as material design and every time its been updated today we are coming up with an article in which I am going to tell you about WhatsApp Prime.

WhatsApp Prime is the application in which you can easily send group links to your friends. Nowadays many peoples are joining WhatsApp group just because to know some kind of knowledge. I have seen many peoples doing so and posting their phone number everywhere.

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If you want to add someone in WhatsApp group then you need to add his/her phone number in your contact and then add it in your list. Which is sometimes difficult and feels like not to manage a group.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

Instead of that, I will be telling you about an application from which you can easily copy your group WhatsApp link and then easily send it to your friends. If they will click on the link then you can join the group in one click.

I will be updating the application daily this application is been developed by CoolDroid. This application is having a unique feature which you will love it from other WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version 1.02 for Android 2018

WhatsApp prime is the application which cannot be installed with your original WhatsApp. Actually WhatsApp Prime is using the package name of original WhatsApp. This is the reason you need to delete your old WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Prime is not having the features which are with GBWhatsApp but it is having different features which is not in GBWhatsApp. This makes the application unique.

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The feature of copying group links is also unique so we are going to cover up this topic in today’s article about how to do that on your device.

I used this application for 2 hours. This application needed some UI improvements. Just because of too much material design, this application looks sometimes use less.


  • Anti-Ban no need to worry about ban issues
  • Mute the conversation for forever. Extend the conversation to whatever time you want.
  • Media caption increased to 4000 characters.
  • Media share limit extended to 300 instead of 10.
  • Extended image quality to 100% instead of 80%.
  • Video limit extended to 70 MB instead of 16 MB.
  • Disabled apk downloading in the background.
  • Everything in centralized in contact, chats and everywhere.
  • Material Emoji. The emoji are of the previous Facebook messenger application.
  • Material Teal colour application.
  • Removed accidental calls while checking profile.
  • You can disable reply option in the application.
  • Take a full backup of the application same as titanium backup.
  • Disable date and copy option while copying any text.
  • Profile picture zoom option added.
  • Telegram links unlocked
  • You can copy someone WhatsApp status easily by tapping on it.
  • Application size decreased to 15 MB. Removed things which is not been used.

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Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version 6.70 for Android 2018

  • Download the WhatsApp Prime Latest Version from here. Download
  • Open your WhatsApp application and click on Settings — Chats — Backup chats.
  • Now, you will be backing your chats and now, close the application and uninstall it.
  • Now, go to settings — Security — Check Unknown sources is enabled.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

  • Now, install WhatsApp prime and enter your phone number.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

  • Fill all the details correctly and verify your OTP code.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

  • Then just simply add your name and then done.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

  • Now, you have successfully downloaded WhatsApp Prime in your device.

How to Copy WhatsApp Group Link and Send it to your Friends.

  • Open your WhatsApp Group in which you are admin.
  • Click on add participants and there you will see option of invite with group link.
  • Copy the link and you can send that link to your friend.
  • Then you will be automatically added in that group by just clicking on that link.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

  • That’s it! You have been successfully copied your friends WhatsApp group link

Wrapping up.

I hope you like this article about WhatsApp prime. There are a lot of features which you can enjoy with the help of WhatsApp prime and for free.

Share this article with your friends and download the amazing WhatsApp Prime.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks and I will meet you in the next one. If you have any issues please feel free to comment below.

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  1. how can i add multiple phone numbers all at once to my whatsapp group without going thru the normal process of adding of them one by one

    • You can share link with them or else try updating your whatsapp to latest version and then give a try. Hold a contact and then select as many contact you can.

  2. hw i can dwnld wa prime..plz suggest me…error is wn i click on wa prime link. dn process repeatedly showing same case…plz help me..


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