Top 10 Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code Like a Pro

Global warming sucks. The Internet is inevitable. Summer is hot. Know what else literally everyone else in the world agrees on?

Coding is the future.

Everything these days is digital.

From the moment we wake up to our alarm clocks only to check our social media feeds as we eat our breakfasts, to reading e-books right before bed.

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This only means that, with so many people consuming digital products on a day-to-day basis, it stands to reason that there must be an equal amount of people creating the software behind all of it.

And who creates this software?

Coders, of course!

Today, We’re here with the list of best top 10 best Android Apps that will help you learn to code like a pro.

Coding not only creates countless job opportunities for learners, but also allows them to reap the benefits of this discipline in areas other than their career.

Creating amazing websites and games, apps and so many other coding-aided creations is not just a fun hobby but also a way to earn money on the side!

Since you clicked on this article, I know you want to learn to code.

But it’s easier said than done.

This is a practice you have to not just dedicate a good amount of time learning, but also on researching the resources you will be drawing your knowledge from.

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Luckily for you, I’ve put together this great list of the top ten online platforms/applications from which you can learn coding.

Learning a new skill can indeed just be child’s play!

Here’s some great apps for you to use to learn to code.

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (3)

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code Like a Pro

1. Encode

With Encode, ‘anyone can learn how to code’!

This app is basically the DuoLingo of coding. It offers you free lessons educating you about core concepts.

Along with that, it offers mini coding challenges that put your newfound knowledge to test and allow you to understand how much of the lessons you’ve actually absorbed.

And then, to top it off, it offers you lessons in master languages such as Python, JavaScript and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Langauge) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

With this app, not only do you get to learn coding from the very basics, but are also offered free lessons in some of the most complicated and commonly used languages in the coding world professionally.

If used right, this application could leave you a master coder with the capacity to design your own stunning web page—maybe for your own business or perhaps even a blog! At any rate, it’s certainly a worthy investment of your time.

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Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code

2. Tynker

‘Everyone can code’ may be a tough statement to prove right, but Tynker certainly believes in its truth, because that’s their tagline!

Tynker attempts to make coding seem exciting to kids between the ages of 5-11. It offers coding education through the use of interactive and creative games like Space Cadet and Dragon Spells.

Both these games are designed so that players have to use coding blocks and stack them correctly in order for the onscreen avatar to perform a move.

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This ensures repeated use of coding language multiple times a day, through the addictive format of video games.

The game Space Cadet caters to toddlers and primary schoolers between the ages of 5-8, whilst Dragon Spells caters to 9-11 year olds.

These games not only hook children using traditional gaming tactics, but also allow them to learn a useful life skill while being entertained.

There are two levels within the Tynker app, Visual Coding and Swift. A beginner is encouraged to use Visual Coding as they can actually see the blocks coming together, whereas intermediate and advanced learners are encouraged to use Swift mode.

Teaching children to code from a young age has multiple advantages, the least of all being that human brains are so much more receptive to information taught at the stage at which their brains are still developing.

These skills become almost like second nature to them, and serve as an aid for the rest of their lives. Moreover, learning coding as children gives them infinitely more time to improve till they reach adulthood!

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Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (2)

3. Programming Hub

Programming Hub claims to be your ‘personal programming companion’, and has the added benefit of being officially recognized as a coding education provider by organisations like Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator and Facebook FbStart.

Some languages Programming Hub offers in terms of course content are Java, C Programming, C++, HTML and R Programming.

It has an amazing stockpile of practice codes for its users, and offers over 5000+ programmes and 20+ languages that fall within the bracket of those listed above.

Programming Hub makes it possible to access a large store of free content to learn coding in an easy to revise and learn way, as well as allows you to build a strong core grasp of the fundamentals of coding.

Once you unlock pro membership, you get unlimited access to the above plans and also get the added benefits of having no ads interrupt your learning experience and also receive certification for completing the courses you’ve spent your time on.

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This is one of the most reliable and trustworthy options out there mainly due to the backing of powerful corporations like Google and Facebook, who clearly found their course content worthwhile to publicly support.

If you’re serious about learning to code, I suggest you check this one out!

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code Programming Hub

4. Solo Learn

This is an exclusively mobile app, which means that not only is it smartphone friendly, but it was built to be used on the small screen! It claims that ‘learning programming can be fun’, which indeed it can!

Some of the basics that Solo Learn teaches its users are C++, Java and Python. Though the languages are not extensive in numbers, they do cover almost everything used by coders in the practical world.

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It is an absolutely free app, which means no paying for membership or access to restricted areas.

Moreover, it focuses on building a community of self-taught coders rather than just teaching you to code.

This means that not only will you have learned a whole new skill but will also have buddies who are learning it at the same time as you! That’s one of the most unique aspects of this app.

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code Solo Learn

5. Code Hub

The most interesting thing about Code Hub is that it is the ‘first hub from developers to developers’.

It is an app with programmes designed by web developers and coders who program for a living.

The courses available here are about as professional as you could get, as they were built by industry insiders!

It offers several Code.Learn (online learning) and certification programmes.

Android Development and SCRUM Development are some of the Code.Learn programmes that it offers.

It also offers certified versions for most of its Code.Learn programmes that are more intensive.

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However, all these programmes are paid. Most cost about 300 euros (or roughly INR 23,000) per course.

Invest in these courses wisely—and only if you’re sure about the incredibly niche knowledge they offer!

It is best to build up your base as a beginner through one of the free options in the rest of this article and then graduate to Code Hub to delve deeper into an area of particular interest to you.

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (7) Code Hub

6: Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the top-rated coding knowledge apps available in the market.

In fact, it was included in the Best EdTech of 2018 list by Common Sense Education in December last year!

It focuses on teaching mainly JavaScript through an interactive, game-like format that allows the user real-time feedback and uses puzzles to sharpen the user’s coding skills.

It allows you to level up and unlock achievement skills as you progress, much like a video game.

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This app is geared at beginners, so if you have a working knowledge of JavaScript, this may not be the best pick for you.

It is absolutely free, and you can access knowledge with no bars on financial input! However, you may experience multiple advertisements cross your screen.

Hey, there’s no free lunch, right?

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (1)

7. Dcoder

No, this is not a typo. Dcoder is ‘next gen coding’.

It allows you to choose from more than 35 coding languages, including Java, CSS, HTML and many more commonly used ones.

It also allows you to edit the code you have created using its free code editor, allowing you to correct your mistakes and understand where you went wrong in creating your code.

Its ease of use over the phone and compatibility with any kind of palm-device brings it immense popularity within the coding community.

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (1)

8. Learn C++

Learn C++ is an offshoot of the previously mentioned app Solo Learn.

Solo Learn’s parent company Solo Learn Education created this app because of the popularity of the C++ course on the Solo Learn app.

C++ is one of the most basic and uncomplicated languages a beginner to coding can learn, which explains its popularity amongst new learners, and also why Solo Learn Education felt the need to create a brand-new app specifically dedicated to this language instead of others like JavaScript and Python.

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It includes 80 lessons split into 8 separate sections that allow the user to graduate according to his/her own learning capacity and does not put time restrictions on any particular section.

Along with basic lessons as offered on the main Solo Learn app, this special C++ edition also includes data prototypes, various arrays and pointers as well as conditional statements to test your knowledge, interesting loops and functions and also allows the user to learn the basics of inheritance, polymorphism, templates exceptions and files.

Along with this, the user may unlock levels, quizzes and even collect app points as she/he further progresses along his/her C++ journey.

One of the most unique features offered by this app is that it allows you to compete I quizzes and competitions with other users on your level, allowing you to gauge your expertise and understanding in comparison with others in the same step on the journey.

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (3)

9. Enki

Just like you go to the gym every day to train while building muscle, Enki encourages you to perform ‘brain workouts’ every day to strengthen your grey matter.


Well, through the EnkiApp, of course.

Enki offers training to both corporate teams as well as independent users. It offers knowledge on various coding skills like web designing, Java Script, Python, Git and Linux.

The best part is, you can learn in teams, just like in a classroom! Except there’s a major twist—instead of boring, paper-based learning, you can enjoy absorbing knowledge through interactive games, quizzes and tests.

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The main aim in this app is to get your team to race ahead against other competitor teams—and trust me, the competitive spirit really encourages you to learn more!

Best Android Apps That Will Help You Learn To Code (3)

10: Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers App

Confused? Yes, this definitely sounds like a classic video game. However, Hakitzu Elite comes with a major added advantage—free learning!

This is a robotic battle game aimed at young kids and students in middle or high school that wish to learn coding. The moves performed by the robot controlled by the player are controlled through coding languages, and the game may be played at Beginner, Coder and Hacker modes.

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The higher you move, the tougher it gets. To start at Beginner-level, no previous knowledge of coding is required whatsoever, and you may learn the very basics through this game!

Hakitzu Elite is extremely similar to another app mentioned in the beginning of this article, Tynker.

However, the difference between Tynker and Hakitzu is that Tynker is targeted at an even younger audience than Hakitzu.

It is supposed to be introduced in children’s lives as young as 5 years old, whereas Hakitzu is not recommended for children below the age of 13.

This is mainly due to mild levels of violence present in the game that may make parents of younger children slightly uncomfortable.

Therefore, parents wishing to teach their children coding through this game may proceed with caution.

However, a point to be noted is that though Hakitzu is aimed at teenagers, it is by no means just a kids’ app.

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Adults/older students may very well take full advantage of its interactive and fun format and learn as much as they can through playing the game with Hakitzu’s mascot robot.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the best apps which you can use it on your Android phone which will help you to learn coding.

Personally, I think Python is one of the best language where you can automate your tasks and work.

If you want to learn coding and don’t want to learn using these apps then you can also do a coding course.

No matter what age you are, it is never too late to learn a new skill— and as you’ve just seen today, age is no bar on online learning either! With so many learning apps on the market, it is easier than ever to gain access to new skills.

There is simply no excuse to sit back and waste time!

So pick up your phone and spend time on it productively. Download one of these apps and get cracking! There is a whole new world to explore out there when it comes to programming.

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