The Apple Ecosystem – Why Apple’s Ecosystem Is King

Apple Ecosystem

Apple is the product which is been used by 700 million users. That is 9.4% of the world’s population who uses an iPhone. So whenever you ask any Apple user why do you use an iPhone? Their answer will be iMessage, Connectivity, Airpods, Mac to iPhone connectivity

How Does Netflix Work?

How Does Netflix Works?

Netflix is used by millions of peoples around the world. One thing which I personally love about Netflix is that it is  available in 50 countries. The company’s revenue is estimated at $6 billion. That’s a huge revenue but we never know how does Netflix work?

Ever Wondered What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

You might be having several electronic devices and all these devices have one thing in common. Every electronic device has the functionality to shut down for some period of time because like humans they need to rest. Ever wondered what happens when you shutdown your