Why Facebook Is Blue In Color ? Some Facts Which You Will Love It

Hey Guys, while sitting at home have you ever thought in the mind that why Facebook is blue in color? Yesterday night when i was sitting at home surfing on Facebook so I just thought why Facebook color is blue, Mark Zuckerberg (Inventor Of Facebook) would have used any other color and from start till end he have used only blue color. So I thought to do some research, then I found that there are 3 reason behind this and when I did some more research so I found something more interested

Facebook was born on February 4th 2004 and the name of the domain was TheFacebook.com and to create an account on Facebook you need a .edu email address to register your self on Facebook and the design was also too simple having simple html and css check the below screenshot



Facebook in 2004
Facebook in 2004

After 2004 slowly Facebook has developed them self and we are having Facebook as the best website on social media and we are always connected to Facebook to know what is happening in the real world

3 Reason Why Facebook Is Blue In Color


#1 Mark Zuckerberg CEO Of Facebook Suffers From Red and Green Color Blindness

The ceo of Facebook is having red and green color blindness which means he can see only blue color and in the magazine he said that the blue color is the richest color for me. This is the reason while we see application, Logo and website of Facebook is blue in color and few years back he took an eye test and he found that he is having red and green color blindness, and Blue is Facebook’s dominant color.



#2 Color Blue is associated with Trust

The color blue signs trust, honesty and loyalty and this is the reason why Facebook is blue in color. The color blue is liked by all human beings, we can say that color blue is universally safe color. Most of younger generation loves blue color. Most of the websites uses blue color and it is one of the market strategies


#3 Using Color Blue Is Marketing Strategy

The main reason behind blue color is that is good for marketing strategy and it when we see blue color with white text it is the good  effect and easy to read and it looks good while reading. Below is the example about how the text looks when there is blue background. The blue color is nirvana for brain


If you will check the below text which text provokes emotion for us? For me blue is looking good, Just think that what if the Facebook would be green in color or it would be black many of them would have liked it check below

So today we have found the mystery about why Facebook is blue in color I hoped you liked it for more facts and tricks keep visiting us at XtremeTricks.Net

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