Ever Wondered Why The Letters On A Computer Keyboard Are NOT In Alphabetical Order?

In my childhood, I always think that why the letters On Computer Keyboard are not written in the alphabetical order. Instead it is written in really a confusing way. Which is really difficult to understand. There is a history behind this which is really interesting and you will really love to hear it.

As we are in the world where we see that technology is getting advance and people really don’t think about many stuffs such Why Android phone is not getting updates. Why your keyboard is not in alphabetical order.

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It is said that if you want to live in the advance world then you need to know the basic questions and answer in this fast going world we never notice many things. But everything is having a story behind it. Which is known by very less peoples.

Why The Letters On Computer Keyboard Are NOT In Alphabetical Order?

Have you ever thought about this why they are in such a way which is difficult for some peoples to understand the flow of the keyboard.

Letters On Computer Keyboard

The modern keyboard which we are using is called as QWERTY keyboard which is the first 6 letters of the keyboard. The word is used just because the starting characters of the keyboard is in QWERTY order. This is been used in mobile phones before it was used in Typewriters.

Who Created this keyboard and Why He didn’t arranged the letters in Alphabetical order?

The first keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes and it was the birth of the keyboard and he arranged the words in alphabetical order. Later on because of some issues it was changed.

Letters On Computer Keyboard

Then the arrangement changed of the keyboard and they thought to add the key in the different order. Then afterwards the keyboard was looking like the given image below. It was looking weird isn’t it? This was the second time when the arrangement was changed.

Letters On Computer Keyboard

Afterwards it was also changed just because old typewriters were getting jammed and it was really difficult for the users to type correctly.

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When the typewriters types too fast the key gets jammed and when it gets jammed they need to remove the old paper and unjammed the key and which was difficult for them because whatever they have written is of waste. Then they need to wash their hands. This was the issues which were taken place. Then they need to insert new sheet and start working again.

Then Christopher Latham Sholes and his partners sold the design of the keyboard to Remington & Sons, later on they created the first typewriters and then arranged the letters in the QWERTY form. Then this layout was the default layout.

The QWERTY keyboard helps you to type in such as way that the type writers also don’t gets jammed and it makes difficult for peoples to type fast in this keyboard.

The amazing fact is that you will find the word TYPEWRITER in the first line of keyboard which is really amazing.


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