What is Captcha? Why it is Used? What is Turing Test? Explained

Whenever you are filling any form or something. You might have encountered with the issues or we can say something called as CAPTCHA in which there are some alphabets which are not in proper order. It is random alphabets which is generated with the help of some scripting languages. What is captcha? Why do we need captcha code?

What is Captcha

Whenever I am using the internet there are some hackers and some bad guys who are looking into our website data. They get indulge into this a lot. Just because they want to hack our website which is having lower security. This is the reason why some websites need captcha if you want to open those websites.

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CAPTCHA acronym is Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Which differentiate that the user which is logged in is human or some kind of bot.

BOT means Robot. You might be thinking that why Robot will operate the site right? Those are hackers who are trying to slow down our websites.

What is captcha

Whenever any website is created or hosted on sites such as Godaddy, Bigrock and many other hosting company they give you a physical memory it is kind of RAM which is issued to you. If that RAM will be consumed then your website will throw an error.

What is captcha physical memory

Now, if any hacker is sitting and using any bot so he will try to do a DDOS attacks or we can say DOS attack which will slow down our website. The hacker will send many requests on our sites. This will consume a lot of memory and because of that our website get closed or shutdown. Then it shows blank page and sometimes shows 523 error.

What is captcha

Why Captcha is Used?

Now, to overcome on this issue there was a thing launched in the year 2003 and here it is called as Captcha in which it confirms that the user is robot or a normal human being.

Just because a human being can read the information given in captcha which is provided before accessing any site, but for Robot it is too difficult. There is information provided that there are 80% chances that a human being will easily solve this captcha but for robot there is 0.01% chances to solve this captcha.

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What is Turing test?

Now, suppose you ask captcha to computer and a normal human being and you don’t know who is human or robot. Then you start testing them ask questions like captcha.

Now, after that you are not sure that who is robot or who is human after giving the test then it is a turing test.

How to Avoid Captcha?

You cannot avoid captcha. We have to read the captcha and enter the details. There are some hackers who are waiting for user to remove that captcha so that users can easily do DOS attacks in website.

What is captcha images

My Experience Regarding Hacker Attacks and Captcha?

Somedays back I was experiencing issues of DOS Attacks on our site. There are peoples who really knows how to access someone else’s data.

When this thing was happening with my site. I was having nothing to solve this issues. I tried everything to solve this issues. But I was unable to solve it. I finally changed my hosting and it solved this issues.

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