Apple Event 2020: November Apple Keynote!

Apple Event

Apple’s event is an annual conference that showcase all the new things which is going to be released by Apple. Also Read: Meet the Man Who Added Headphone Jack on iPhone 7 The conference was held in California in 1990 and traditionally always it takes place

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

iPhone is the best when you send the text message to your friends. The animation and the user interface all look amazing. We know mostly we forget to message our friends whether it is their birthday or sometimes when they want us to remember something

How to Install Google Assistant On iPhone in Any Country

Install Google Assistant On iPhone

Google Assistant is the best AI, and there are many tests run by many YouTubers and Bloggers. We have seen the new Google Assistant recently launched for iOS devices. Google Assistant for now, available for only some countries such as the United States only. If

Google Assistant V/s Siri! Who is Better?

Google has recently launched is AI which is known as Google Assistant. Which is been nowadays a trending stories. It is having amazing features and do many things. Today I am going to tell you about the Google Assistant V/s Siri who is better in both