Top 15 Best Discord Alternatives For Businesses and Gamers

SMS and MMS are almost extinct (except for the promotional messages we keep getting).

Even voice calls are slowly becoming obsolete.

Video calls, Voice Chat, and Text chat are trending.

They are not just gaining popularity among gamers but are also being used worldwide for daily activities as small as grocery shopping.

The Gamers use it to talk with the other players, the professionals use it to stay connected in real time and the family uses it to stay in touch with their loved ones.

One such popular app used is Discord. Before we launch into the best discord alternatives, let’s take a look at what is Discord.

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What is Discord?

We all are familiar with Whatsapp. Discord is an application similar to it but is used widely by the gamers so that they can co-ordinate and talk while they play.

This popularity is mainly because, unlike Whatsapp, Discord doesn’t require you to log in with your mobile number.

Discord helps the gamers to chat with their friends and they don’t have to worry about lag or connectivity issues. It is easy to use and set up and also has an easy user interface.

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However, there is an issue with the bug and certain video calling features are yet to be figured out.

Even though Discord is an excellent app to make communications with your gaming buddies, and millions of people are logging in every day, there are a few drawbacks.

Discord is filled with a tracking system and it can’t be disabled. It can monitor all your application which are open on your computer. This can be a security issue. Which is why the need for best Discord alternatives arises.

Some reasons why you should look for the Discord alternatives:

We’re not saying that Discord as an app is bad. However, Discord may not be the best option for organizations or businesses. Here are some of the drawbacks of the Discord app.

  • Self-hosting is not available
  • UI more suitable for gamers, not businesses
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Users are often bothered with chat bombardments
  • Often conducts server raids
  • Robust integrations are unavailable

So, it’s always a good idea to look at other alternatives. Here, we have shortlisted a list of best discord alternatives for your reference!

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Best Discord Alternatives For Businesses and Gamers

The Best Discord Alternatives For Businesses and Gamers

1: TeamSpeak 3

It is one of the best Discord alternatives. TeamSpeak 3 offers one of the best VoIP communication systems.

The communication via sound is crystal clear.

It has 3D sound effects and also has features like echo cancellation and advanced sound reduction.

It is secure & easy to use, thus allowing you to talk seamlessly.

You can have multiple chats at a time.

What makes it even better is that it is lag-free.

However, you can communicate with people only if they have TeamSpeak and it also doesn’t have video support, unlike many other applications.

2: Mumble

Mumble is an application which is available on a number of platforms.

It has an end to end encryption and thus becomes one of best Discord alternatives as one doesn’t have to worry about their privacy.

The reason it features in our list of best Discord alternatives is that it has low latency, high-quality voice and has echo cancellation features.

It is not limited to this: Mumble is an open source software and therefore is free of any cost.

The only minor drawback is that Mumble has a very basic user interface.

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3: Slack

Slack is third one on our best Discord alternatives for professional use.

It is a team messaging platform. Like Discord, it has a clean and simple user interface.

It has a push notification feature for the desktop.

Multiple modes of communication is one of the core features of Slack.

You can share emojis and GIFS while chatting. Moreover, uploading a file on slack is an easy task.

It has a limit of 1 GB on uploads which is much more than Discord as it permits only 8 MB file.

However, if you are looking to have voice chats and voice calls, Slack may not be for you.

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4: Overtone

Based on Vivox, one of the best-integrated voice chat services, Overtone becomes a straight competition to Discord.

It is easy to set up, free to use and has social features which help you to discover new players and teams.

Being lightweight is just another feature which is why Overtone features on our best Discord alternatives list.

Overtone also consists of social features that allow you to connect with people who have similar interests as you and discover teams that are playing the same game.

Overtone can be run on a web browser which is always an added benefit.

5: Tox

If you are an extrovert and want to make new connections while ensuring your privacy then Tox is the app for you.

It uses military-grade encryption which ensures the safety of all your conversations.

It supports features like text, voice and video chat.

It also has a screen sharing feature.

One of the most unique features of Tox is that it doesn’t have a central server and is completely decoupled from any user-interface.

Tox is one of my favorites as well and hence earns it place on our suggestions for the best Discord alternatives.

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6: Ventrilo

If you are looking for a lightweight design and low latency calls then Ventrilo should be on your list of best Discord alternatives.

Like Mumble, Ventrilo has an end to end encryption and has superior sound quality.

Gamers would prefer this app as it has minimal use of CPU resources.

To use Ventrilo’s VoIP tools you need to rent their server which costs $50 a year which is why it is not an economical choice.

7: Skype

This is the most obvious one to be listed along with the other best discord alternatives.

We all have used Skype once in our lives and are already familiar with it.

What differentiates Skype from other applications is that along with video calls and chats you can send SMS and make normal calls as well.

You can make a group video call with 10 people at a time giving it an undue advantage.

But if you want a hassle-free communication and a gaming experience as well then Skype is just not for you.

It makes your computer slow, sometimes the audio cuts and skips, and it has ads all over its interface.

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8: Steam Chat

The next one on our list for best Discord alternatives is Steam chat.

It is similar to Discord in terms of user interface thus making it the best replacement for Discord.

It allows the user to share unique URL s and by clicking it you can be a part of a premade group.

The latest features of Steam Chat help you to pin people you interact regularly with so you can check if they are available online.

The ‘tag as’ feature of Steam has now been rebranded as Categories, thereby allowing you to manage your friends more effectively.

The latest updated in Steam Chat has made it a direct competition to Discord.

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9: RaidCall

RaidCall is an in-game VoIP. It is available on both PC and Mobile devices.

It is fast and easy to set up. The low CPU usage and minimum memory footprint allow for smooth, uninterrupted communication.

The best feature of this app is that it can hold up to one lakh users at a time in one single RaidCall making it another one of the best Discord alternatives.

It has additional features like voice recorder, poll, announcements and many more.

You can share YouTube videos with RaidCall group.

You can synchronize your account with your Facebook and invite your friends to join the group.

Although the interface is not easy to use, it features huge groups and support for polls among other things.

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With Riot, you’re in control of your own information. Since it is built on Matrix, multiple services can talk to each other and you can use services you trust or host your own.

You can chat, exchange files, make voice or video calls and conferences, and even add bots. Private conversation is encrypted.

Riot is an open source and free to use. Although it is meant for team collaborations and it helps you streamline your teams’ workflow, it is also be used by gamers to share messages, images, videos, and files of any type within groups of any size. offers a bundle of features which makes it suitable to added on our best Discord alternatives list.

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11: C3

The next on our best discord alternatives list is C3. C3 is a free to use voice chat software specially used by gamers.

It has features like Text-to-voice and push-to-talk for easier use. It has one of the best audio quality.

You can personalize your own C3 setup.

You can invite your gaming buddies with just a link or an email. You have options to organize your chat rooms. There are multiple different microphone options which make the chatting easier.

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12: Proof Hub

If we’re talking about the best discord alternatives, ProofHub cannot be left out.

ProofHub is a great discord alternative if you are into planning and managing tasks. It is a central place to manage and run your projects and teams with tasks.

This helps to keep things on track.

Thus it becomes all in one project management tool.

This app is used mostly for business purposes.

The interface is available in multiple languages i.e. English, French, Spanish etc. It has features like setting up custom roles which allow you to define different access levels.

It helps in task management as people don’t have to wonder what they have to work on and what is pending. You can have discussions with your team instead of sending emails.

There is also a chat feature where you can ask questions and take feedback and make casual communications.

These features make ProofHub one of the best discord alternatives for businesses.

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13: Hangouts

It is a communication program developed by Google.

Unlike ProofHub, Hangout is for casual conversations, so the employees get to communicate comfortably and can share the information with ease.

Hangouts can communicate with popular business systems.

Although Hangouts is perceived as an app for individual usage, there are many ways for a business to benefit from it.

It is a cost-effective collaboration for business customers.

Hangouts becomes one of the best discord alternatives but you need a Gmail account to login to access Hangouts.

It is quite appropriate for not-so-tech-savvy, is simple and easy to use and also has screen sharing options.

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14: Viber

Long before Whatsapp, it was Viber which had features like voice and video calls.

This application is user-friendly and the emojis make it all the more fun.

You can have multiple chats at a time and you can easily swap between the chat rooms. It also has smart notification features.

If you are worried about unwanted people harassing you, you have the option to block them.

Sometimes you don’t want people to really see when you are online, Viber allows you to hide your online status which makes it one of the best Discord alternatives.

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15: Twitch

Twitch is one of the most prominent streaming services it serves as a platform primarily for video game and pop culture streamers.

If you are looking for a nice gaming experience and also want to connect with the people you play with then twitch becomes the best Discord alternative.

You can now chat on videos which make twitch unique. You can leave messages on the videos you watch or on your own videos.

You can Swap between your Twitch chat and your server channels while watching the stream.

It has an amazing feature of whisper integration. It is highly affordable for both streamers and viewers.

However, it doesn’t support Mobile Broadcasting.

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Final Verdict:

Well, this sums up the list of some apps which we think are best Discord alternatives. You may have noticed that many of these apps have some similar features.

Some might be the Discord alternatives for work while others might be better for gamers.

So research thoroughly and pick the ones which work for you according to your purpose! Also, if you can think of some other best Discord alternatives, share it with me in the comment section!

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