Download Google Apps (Gapps) for Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat & Oreo

What if you want to install the custom ROM? then it is necessary that you use the proper Google Apps on your device. Most of the custom ROM is having Gapps pre-installed and some ROM don’t have gapps installed if you want to install it on your phone then today I will be telling you the way you can Download Gapps For Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat for your Android device.

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Whenever any user roots their Android phone, then the first thing they do is they remove all the pre-installed applications from their device. They think after removing them. There are chances that their phone might speed up. They end up by deleting the most important pre-installed application which is Google Play Services.

If you uninstall this application, then you won’t be able to use the Play store on your device again. Now, if you have ended up doing those things then simply what you can do is you can easily install the Gapps by installing the proper custom recovery on your device.

There is number of Gapps available for your devices. Those are in zip format, and all the Gapps is having an entirely different functionality and application available in those packages. You can’t directly install any Google apps and say you have successfully installed the Gapps on your device. It requires proper installation using some script and appropriate custom recovery on your device which is most important.

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Why Don’t Custom ROM have Gapps?

The reason behind this is straightforward. When a developer is building any custom ROM, they don’t add Gapps just because the installation process takes a lot of time. Whenever we install any custom ROM on our device Gapps are not included, they are flashed within some seconds, and when Gapps have added in the ROM, it takes around 20 mins to install on your phone correctly.

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The newer version of LineageOS takes a lot of time to get installed on your phone which is something not acceptable by many users, and they think there is chances recovery is not working properly.

Download Google Apps (Gapps) for Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat

The cool Download site Open Gapps is having the best Gapps packages available. There are features of every package which I am going to tell you below in this article.

Pico Google Apps:

If your phone is having issues in which it has some glitches, or sometimes you don’t like your phone pre-installed application, then you can only try the Pico Gapps. Pico is light weight, and it contains only two applications that are Google Play Store and Google Play Services which will help you to run all the Google apps. You can download the remaining Google apps from play store. Personally, I love this Gapps, and they run smooth.


Nano Gapps

This package size is slightly increased from the Pico package, and it has some more application. Pico doesn’t have some core applications, but nano has some inbuilt framework applications.

Micro Gapps

What are the most used applications you used daily with your phone? Those are Gmail and other important applications then this is the reason Micro Gapps contains all the important applications such as Gmail, Contacts and other important basics applications.

Mini Gapps

Mini Gapps provides some additional applications which are not available on the play store those are face detection applications then face unlock. Those are some applications which are not available, but with the help of mini gapps, you can install it on your device. It will replace some of the applications which are pre-installed in the pure AOSP ROM.

Full Gapps

This package has the full Gapps, and it has some more applications which were available in the old Mini Google apps. Most of the peoples do not use this package and, it replaces some of the stock AOSP features by adding the features of other Gapps.

Stock Gapps

If you are having Nexus device or Pixel device then you might be familiar with the Stock Android device and the applications which are pre-installed, and it is having applications such as Google Docs, Slide, Keep and many other Google applications. It helps the users to enjoy the complete Google experience.

Super GApps

This package is same as Stock Gapps and includes most of the system applications and core files which will help you to run your phone a bit faster. This package contains face detection module and some other important core data files which makes your phone a run a bit smoother while accessing any Google apps.

Aroma GApps

Aroma package which is available for all the users and its size is around 800 MB which is a lot high. This package contains all the applications such as Google, Docs, Slide, Keep and much more other applications. If you install the package on your device, then you will see a graphical screen to choose your favourite apps and install it on your device. I have seen most of the peoples using this package, and it is great. You can also enable the Pixel Google Assistant using the package.


How to Choose Proper GApps Package?

Download Gapps For Android

Which Platform can You choose?

Now, every platform has the different packages, and you need to choose the proper platform for your device, or else you will end up with failed installation or sometimes you will end up bricking your smartphone. This is the reason I will be telling you about which is the better and best platform which you can choose for your smartphone.

  • Download and install hardware info on your device from here: Play Store
  • Open the application and click on Processor and you will check your phone processor.

Download Gapps For Android

  • It will show you the supported platform for every device it is different.

Download Gapps For Android

  1. ARM64 – For 64-bit devices. Nexus 6P
  2. ARM – For 32-bit devices such as OnePlus One, Nexus 5 and more
  3. x86 – Intel smartphones
  • Download the proper Gapps and install it on your device.

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How to Install GApps On your Device

  • Download the package on your device and move it to your internal storage.
  • Install the custom ROM on your device.

Download Gapps For Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat

  • Now, clear the Cache and Dalvik Cache.
  • Search for the Gapps and install it on your device and it will take some time depending on your device speed and performance and sometimes if you have selected full stock, then there are chances that it will take some more time.
  • Reboot your phone and done you have successfully installed on your phone.

If you are getting Android is starting error then choose bank Gapps

Final Verdict:

This way you can install the Gapps on your device, and this was the article about the way you can Download Gapps For Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat device.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this, and I will meet you in the next one. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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