How To Remotely Turn Off Your Android By Sending a SMS

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Remotely Turn Off Your Android

As we all know that Android is the smart operating system. If Android has become smart so this is just because of its application. Same with this application, an XDA developer Ravindu Shah has developed the application which will help you to Remotely Turn Off Your Android device easily by sending a simple message to your device.

These developers built really a very good Android application which is really performing very good. If we will open XDA forums and XDA-DEVELOPERS site we will find many developers who always create some of the good applications. We have shared good application such as Greenify Which stops background app processing.

This is the reason why Android is used by billions of people around the world. If we will look at iPhone so there are very fewer developers who really creates good applications for iPhone. Just because they don’t know what kind of application will work and most of the times you can only install the application which is from App Store. You need a Jailbroken device if you have to download the app outside from app store.

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Remotely Turn Off Your Android

Remotely Turn Off Your Android Device By Sending a Simple Message

If we will look at this application named as Remotely Power off it is looking really very simple and easy just because from the application you just have to set one password of your own.

It can be anything and you don’t have to disclose to anyone that key just because, whenever that person will try to message you that key your phone will be automatically shut down. Yes, this application requires root access. This application is not available on Play store.

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You can download this app from the link given in the description. If you have to install this application there are two methods in which one is of trying to install the application by extracting the zip file from mobile or else, you can install the files if you have a custom recovery installed.

I tried using custom recovery in my device just because when I looked at the zip file I thought it is to be installed by using a custom recovery.

If you are installing this application in you then you have to test this application first by sending your secret code to the mobile. When you will do so it will ask for root permission as soon as you grant the permission it will be switched off.

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Remotely Turn Off Your Android

After testing this application for the first time you will be able to use this application whenever you want. You can also prank your friends with the help of this application and it is really very funny to go prank with your friends.

Now as we look at the application this application asks for a current password in the start and that is “null” without quotes.

I will be teaching you two methods in which if you have installed this application in your device using custom recovery then how can you uninstall this application from your device.

The applications which you install with the help of custom recovery becomes system application.

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  • Remote Power Off App- Download
  • Patience

How To Install Remote Power Off In Your Android Device

  • Download all the requirements from above-given list
  •  Install the application on your device and you might get installation disable warning

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  •  Click on Setting and click on unknown sources and allow unknown sources

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  • Now install the application once again in your device and open it
  • You will see application asking you current password and new password
  • Enter the current password as null. In new password enter any password of your choice.

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  • Click on change security code and you are good to go.

Note – Don’t Show Your Password to Anyone.

How Can I Shut Down By Device After Installing The App

  • Click on messaging application and create a new message

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  • Type your secret code and send it to your phone number
  • The app will ask for root permission just grant it.

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How to Uninstall Remote Power Off From Your Device

If you have installed Remote Power Off using custom recovery then you must have encountered the issue of you cannot uninstall the application.

  • Download and install Link2SD from here – Play Store

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  • Open the application and search for Remote Power Off

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  • Select the application and click on Menu Button

Remotely Turn Off Your Android

  • Click on Uninstall and the application will be frozen. Repeat this procedure once again and click OK

Remotely Turn Off

  • The application will be uninstalled from your device. Now just reboot your device.


Now, You have successfully installed Remote power Off in your device. This was the tutorial from which you can remotely turn off your Android device by just sending a simple message. If you face any difficulty you can feel free to comment below Thank for visiting and stay tuned for more tips and tricks 😉

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