Top 5 Best Firewall Apps For Non-Rooted Android Phones

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Best Firewall Apps For Android

If you are surfing on the internet then you might be familiar with the term firewalls. If not then today we are going to discuss Top 5 best firewall for android.

We surf the internet without any security or we can say without any software in mobile phones. Just because we think we are not doing any important task on the internet. This is the reason we don’t use anything like firewall on Android.

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Sometimes we visits many sites which is having viruses and we most of times download software contains virus and we don’t know how to be safe of those application.

There is the importance of Firewalls and one should always install firewall application on their Android device. Let’s see what does firewall mean.

What is Firewall?

We surf the internet without any issues we do the bank transfer and we don’t know which application is passing our information to the hacker. He always sits on his computer and keep checking your transfer of money.

Basically, that one application opens a gateway to the hacker to sniff around our mobile and leak our information. The firewalls help to stand a wall which helps you not to pass and allow the hacker to get your information.

Firewall filters your packets which is received by your phone. There are many types of firewalls and many kind of application which we are going to discuss in today’s article 🙂

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Top 5 Best Firewall Apps For Unroot Android Phones

Top 5 Best Firewall for Android Phones

#1 No Root Firewall

Now, most of the application needs root access to connect or install firewall application on their Android device. But this application is different but it connects VPN (Virtual Private Network) its helps you to filter the packet recieved.

This application is having a feature in which if some application needs to access the internet it will show you notification about it in which a user can select the application needs to accessed by the internet or not.

This application works in WiFi and 3G service. It doesn’t work in LTE just because it doesn’t support the IPv6 protocol. This is the draw back of the application.

This application is having an Access Log Tab in which we can see a log of the files which devices you have connected and what are the features running on your smartphone. Which app is accessing internet?

This application is having a pretty good user interface and working on almost all the Android device. This is one of the best advantage of the application. This application can downloaded from play store.

NoRoot Firewall

best firewall for android

#2 NetGuard

The best thing about Netguard is that you can enjoy material design in this application. The material design says that this application is updated daily.

This application is same as No Root firewall but this application is having an advantage that it is having support for IPv4 and as well as IPv6 which is a good support.

If you are new and wanted to protect your business transactions then this is something best you need to look forward. You can download the application from play store for free. If you want to get some extra protection then you can buy premium of the application.

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best firewall for android

#3 Mobiwol

This application is something you are really looking for in this list. Just because Mobiwol is the application which helps you to save the data, battery and many other things while you are connected to the internet.

This application allows you to block or allow the internet access to the specific application which is really a good thing. It helps users to be safe from malicious attacks.

This application is having a feature in which if an application is trying to gain an access to the internet then this application sends a notification that some application is trying to gain access to internet and whether you need to allow or not. Which is an useful feature.


best firewall for android

#4 NoRoot Data Firewall

This application is similar to NetGuard which has the feature of Material Design. The next feature is this application is about is when you are connected to the internet then this application checks and monitors your data.

Monitoring data is a good thing which filters the packets and checks whether the packets you are receiving are not by someone whom you don’t know who is trying to steal information.

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There is a feature in this application which allows users to turn on Night Mode feature. This feature is something unique, if your data is turned on all night then this application helps you to check the packets which you are receiving on your phone. This helps to block the unknown data transmitted to the hacker.

There is some useful feature in this application.

  • Domain Filter
  • IP Filter
  • Set DNS Server Address
  • Set Temp Permission for 1 hour
  • Sort the data of every application.

NoRoot Data Firewall

best firewall for android

#5 LostNet NoRoot Firewall

This application is one of the best application. This is the simple application which stops all the communication and internet which you don’t need it. Let’s take an example if you are browsing internet and the background application who is consuming memory this application stops those application from doing those kind of issues.

Then this application is also having a good feature which blocks the connections from the countries which you don’t trust. This makes it easy and simple to stop a hacker to check the packets which you are sending and receiving.

This application actually checks all the packets which are sent from your device and received to your device. LostNet NoRoot is also having the feature to block all the third party application which always try to steal your information from your device.

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This application is also having the feature of multiple profiles which helps you to access which ever profiles you want to select. You can download this application from play store.

LostNet NoRoot Firewall

best firewall for android

Final verdict:

These were some of my Best Firewall Apps Unroot Android Phones. I hope you love this list. This application works only in non-rooted android phones.

Share this article with your friends and do let them know the best way they can secure the connection of their device which is easy and can be done using some basic steps.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

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