Top 5 Best Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

Is there a better way to unplug yourself than a much-needed vacation? Travelling has become a relatively easier endeavor from what it used to be earlier times and all this can be attributed to technology. Right from booking our flights to checking out the places to go. There isn’t much our gadgets can’t help do it for us. Apart from your smartphone, there are some essential travel gadgets that should be a part of every traveler’s packing list. In this post, we look at some of the must-have travel accessories for that tech-savvy traveler:

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5 Best Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

1: All in one plug adapters:

How often have we come across the problem of not finding a suitable wall outlet to use our electronic gadgets? Frankly, quite many instances of that problem. Some outlets require an extender which is not available in most adapter sets and some just aren’t compatible with the make of your devices. All in one adapter address most of these issues which are compatible with most devices and come along with built-in extenders for easy use. Some notable brands here include Bonazza and Trushield.

5 Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

2: Noise canceling headphones:

Travelling can be a fun-filled process when you don’t have noisy neighbors in your plane or that tiny totter crying incessantly to no end. Also, not to forget the general din of aircrafts that are never too good for comfort. An alternative to all these problems, noise canceling headphones. Although there are many variants of noise canceling headphones available today, the best option still remains the Bose Quiet Comfort range.

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5 Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

3: A portable phone charger:

Smartphones today owing to their many functions lack the necessary juice to sustain for a longer period of time. Also, you are bound to use your smartphone from time to time during your travels whether it is to check maps, hotels or simply clicking pictures. A portable phone charger comes handy in situations when you are running out of battery and have no power outlet in sight to charge your phone. There are many good variants to choose from like Zendure, Anker etc.

5 Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

4: Fitness tracker:

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a tab of your health and the calories you are burning every day. Most of the fitness trackers today come inbuilt with features like active minutes, heart monitoring, built-in vibrating alarm, sleep tracking and even GPS. Some notable brands in this genre are the Apple Smart Watch Series and Fitbit. Looking for more of such travel tips? Then be sure to visit

5 Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

5: Portable mobile hotspot:

One of the biggest hassles faced by travelers are the sky-high roaming surcharges on using the internet. Even googling something whilst abroad can be an expensive endeavor but not anymore. Now you can avail the services of mobile hotspots and get access to the internet instantly without ever having to wait for a hotel or a public wifi. Companies like Skyroam are helping patrons access quick internet on the go with their portable mobile hotspot without shelling extra money. So there we have a list of the 5 must have travel electronics for the tech-savvy jetsetter in 2018.

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5 Travel Electronics For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter

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