Browse Internet at a High Speed as 300 Mbps Speed for FREE with your Existing Connection

Internet speed in India is not that good, and there are a lot of issues if you’re from India or any suburb area.

We pay around 10$ (700 Rs ) a month for a 5 Mbps internet. Sometimes internet speed depends on your location as well.

If you’re techy, then you will always have a lot of things to download and test it on your phone or desktop.

Today, I am going to tell you about a website which allows the users to Browse Internet at a High Speed as 300 Mbps Speed for FREE with your Existing Connection.

If you want to watch Netflix or Hulu and if you see a loading screen then you can follow this trick to get rid of that annoying loading screen.

The Internet has become the necessity. I don’t think anyone can live without a good internet speed.

If you’re facing issues with the internet speed, then trust me you’re in the right place.

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300 Mbps Connection *Not a Click Bait*

I know what you’re thinking.

300 Mbps internet speed without paying for that connection looks fishy and clickbaity.

Trust me it is not, and I have been using this guide from the past three years.

I mostly use this guide to upload and download files from different and slow servers.

If you want to use this trick, then you also need to make sure that you have a good internet connection which will help you to operate a remote desktop.

Nowadays everyone is just angry because of their internet slow speed.

You can browse the internet at high speed using a website called

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Browse Internet at a High Speed as 300 Mbps Speed for FREE with your Existing Connection can help you do a lot of stuff.

When I checked the website, there were a lot of things which you can do with that website.

You can watch Hulu and Netflix for free.

But wait!

Here there is a catch.

You can’t control what you want to watch just because it is not your Netflix account.


Some people are watching Netflix, and with them even you will be able to watch Netflix or Hulu.

There are rooms available in

Some people might be watching TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. You can also watch with them for free.

They will be controlling the account because it is their Netflix account. is a Remote Desktop

Remote desktop is a program or an operating system feature that allows a user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local. will allow you to visit any website and download anything for free.

You will get a browser which will help you to download and upload anything. will give you a Linux 64 bit operating system with just a small Mozilla browser.

Limitations in

There are a lot of constraints in

You cannot download an app like Torrent and download movies, tv shows.

If you want to download something you can take help of Mozilla Firefox extension to download torrent files.

The other thing which you can use is Torrent Leecher like Zbigz to download torrent files for free.

I always use this app to download GApps and custom ROM for my phone.

Features of is an excellent site.

I have never seen anything like this before, and it has the best features.

You can also avail those features by signing up with the and guess what it is free.

  • You can chat with your friends and do video chatting
  • View youtube at super fast speed
  • Free and you don’t need to pay anything
  • You can also do voice calls and much more
  • The upload speed of the internet goes above 200 Mbps
  • The download speed of the is above 300 Mbps
  • Linux security which will keep hackers away
  • You can change the quality of the stream according to your choice.
  • You can download any files of your choice, but you cannot download in your Physical drive. You can download it in the remote desktop, and later on, you can upload it on Google Drive or Dropbox and then download that particular file.


  • You need a working internet connection of speed 2 Mbps
  • You need a PC or Laptop, and this trick won’t work on a mobile phone
  • You need a stable 2 Mbps internet connection slow internet won’t work
  • Create a free accounts by following the below steps

How to Use Rabb.With a Speed of 300 Mbps?

  • Firstly, you need to sign up with from here – Sign Up.

Browse Internet At A high speed as 500 Mbps

  • If you are feeling lazy so click on sign up with Facebook, and it will automatically fill all your details :p
  • Now enter the username of your choice and the email address and click on finish.

Browse Internet At A high speed as 500 Mbps

  • Now, you will receive an email from and it will ask you to confirm all the details

Browse Internet At A high speed as 500 Mbps

  • Now, click on My Room.

Browse Internet At A high speed as 500 Mbps

  • Then click on Start a private room

  • Then enter the URL, and you’re good to go.

Enter URL

  • You have successfully done it. Now you can check the internet speed. You can check the proof here

Speed Test

  • Now, you can view anything of your choice and enjoy the fast speed internet

Browse Internet at a High Speed as 300 Mbps Speed for FREE


  • One of the most significant flaws of the site is that you cannot download anything in your physical drive. If you want to download anything, then you can upload it to your cloud drive and then download the files.
  • You cannot get high-quality content.


This was an article about how you can Browse Internet at a High Speed as 300 Mbps Speed for FREE with your Existing Connection.

I hope you like it. You can see the speed of the internet. is fantastic and fast. Thank you for visiting for more tips and tricks you can stay tuned at our blog. As always peace out.

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    • Nop you can’t but you can use zbigz or bytebx and then upload that data to your drive and then you have to download it again from your pc

  1. yes you can on android also, install Firefox-open the website-click request desktop site and you can enjoy the same as in desktop on mobile also 😀

  2. i have used tricks for free delivery on Flipkart
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  3. Bro I need your help please

    Tell me that how I could download any file from
    Because when I am trying to download save any media/application it showing an error like “You have not proper permission to save files.” How we can transfer files from rabbit to our desktop.

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