L Speed: Powerful Tool to Boost Your Performance and Battery of Android

Android is the smartest operating system. We have seen many features which are coming every year to Android. We have seen that people using apps which boost Android performance. They don’t do anything except stopping all the background processes from your RAM. We found an application which is called as L speed. You can boost your performance and battery with the help of this application.

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If we are using Android phones after some months, we see some lags and sometimes our phone boots slow. Those are some issues which are created by applications which are installed on our device and sometimes we are the culprit.

Sometimes those applications are poorly built, and they don’t do anything instead of eating RAM of our device. We can delete those applications or else we can use the application such as L speed to boost our performance of Android.

This application works great if you are having a custom kernel installed on your device and it will help you a lot to increase your performance of Android. It is the reason why we are writing an article about this application which will help you to boost the performance of your device.

L speed

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Why is L Speed Better?

We try to install applications such as Greenify and sometimes Kernel Auditor to speed up our phone and do the customization in our kernel. We don’t understand what is exactly going on and what should we customize.

The reason why L speed is better because this application helps to figure out what is the tweak all about and will this tweak affect our phone battery or performance.

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The developer Paget96 is the best developer and contributor who has developed an amazing application and L speed is one of my favorite application with so many tweaks which you can perform in this app.

We love when someone supports us when we don’t understand any tweaks. You can look up at this forum and ask for any support, and he will help you out as soon as possible.

L Speed

Powerful Tool L speed to Boost Your Performance and Battery of Android

This application works on every android device, and it should be rooted and works in every phone which is above 4.0.3 and the best user interface and a lot of features.

We often don’t understand many terms what a kernel panic, Governor tuner, MPDecision, CRC checks, and IO extended queue is.

Those words are not easy to comprehend and use Google for every term. Developer Paget96 came up with an explanation about what does this tweak will do with your phone.

They will consume more battery, increase performance and many more other things. This makes it easy for you to understand.

This application is just 5 MB, and it has fantastic features which you should give a try, Let’s take a quick look at the features of the application.


  • Boost Your Android Performance.
  • Kernel Tweaks.
  • Boost Gaming Performance.
  • Battery improvement tweaks.
  • Clean applications junk files.
  • Clear Dalvik Cache.
  • Clear Battery Stats.
  • IO Boost
  • Google DNS.
  • Faster YouTube Streaming.
  • Run cleaner in the boot.
  • CPU Optimization.
  • Improve Scrolling.
  • Liquid Smooth UI.
  • Fast Charge
  • Battery improvement.
  • Battery Calibration.
  • Kill Media Server.
  • Much More.


  • Root Access.
  • 5 MB Free Space on your device.
  • Clear init.d folder before using this MOD. Don’t use other mods if you are installing this application.

How to clean up init.d

  • Download the Root Explorer or ES-File Explorer from the Play Store.
  • Open root directory by clicking on “/“.
  • Navigate to “/system/etc/init.d”

L speed

  • Open init.d folder and delete all the files from that folder.
  • Done! Now, reboot your device and try to install the application on your device.

Download L Speed on Your Android Device.

L Speed

  • Open the application and grant the root permission of the application.

L Speed

  • Now, if you don’t understand any tweaks then simply Hold on that tweak, and you will see the information. You can also click on info button ⓘ now you can view the tweaks.

L Speed

  • There are many tweaks which you can try on your device. Install the tweak and check the changes.

Paget96 is the best developer and his work is awesome and if you love his work you can Donate Him by pressing Donate button.

L Speed

Video Tutorial:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MODnxq2WNdk”]

Final Verdict:

This way you can install L speed on your Android device. You will see a lot of changes in your device. If you will use a custom kernel on your device then you will be able to do many more tweaks.

Share this article with your friends and do let them know about this wonderful application which they can use on their device and boost their phone performance.

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