The Apple Ecosystem – Why Apple’s Ecosystem Is King

Apple is the product which is been used by 700 million users. That is 9.4% of the world’s population who uses an iPhone.

So whenever you ask any Apple user why do you use an iPhone?

Their answer will be

iMessage, Connectivity, Airpods, Mac to iPhone connectivity and much more.

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They can use apps which are far better than iMessage and that is WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram and much more.

So when you ask them their answer will be the ecosystem.

When someone tells you we are in an ecosystem what do they actually mean?

Apple Ecosystem


What is an Ecosystem?

a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment

We can say a community of people who are living the same life and they have the same lifestyle.

Here you can say that people using Apple products and they don’t know anything about outside world.

We all know Apple manufactures products such as

  1. Mac
  2. iPhone
  3. Tablets
  4. SmartWatch
  5. Airpods
  6. Homepods and the list goes on.

Apple Ecosystem

People buy these products and connect those other products with their primary phones.

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Now, If they made you buy these products they lure you to give you something else in return

  1. Airplay
  2. AirDrop
  3. iCloud

Now, if you want to transfer anything from your iPhone it’s easy with the help of AirDrop.

You want to keep your files in a sync simply you can use iCloud and save your files in the cloud.

If you are having everything in a sync you probably don’t need anything extra and now you are in this ecosystem.

Even if there is someone who tells you buy this Android Phone which is having pretty good features you will buy the same thing and that is an iPhone.

Just because you love it when you are in that ecosystem.

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How is Apple Connected to Every Device?

There are a lot of manufacturers who do these kinds of stuff but when it comes to Apple they are in the market and they are good at it.

Suppose you are buying an iPhone.

After some day you have heard a lot of things about the new MacBook and thought to buy that Macbook.

Now, you want to send a text message to someone else what will you do?

Open your mac and start sending the text message.

What will you do if you want to make or receive calls?

Your phone is nearby and you will start making and receiving calls from your MacBook.

You can do a lot of things by being in this ecosystem. There is probably no one who can remove you from this ecosystem because you are having all the products in a sync.

Apple Ecosystem

How to Get Out From Apple Ecosystem?

If you want to get out of this ecosystem you need to change a lot of things.


You need to transfer you all data to your Android phone.

Then you need to transfer your entire phone library to your new Android phone.

Then if you are using your Apple Airpods you need to get something else which is good enough.

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If you are using Apple Music then transferring your whole library will be a very tough and tedious task for you.

Final Verdict:

Once you buy an iPhone you start loving the ecosystem. When you are in an ecosystem of Apple, probably no one can remove you because you start loving those products.

There are other companies which is having their ecosystem such as Google, Amazon and much more but they are not evolved as much as Apple.

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