Why You Should Not Use Task Killer On Your Android

Hey, Fellas! You might be thinking about this topic and you might have heard from everywhere saying that you should not use task killers on your Android device. Isn’t it? But why do they say that to you? You might be thinking that people’s are saying something wrong. This application gets amazing ranking and about millions of downloads. Have you ever think how do they get it? If you might be surfing on internet or such as torrents sites you will get to know by seeing the ads of this applications. If you are not aware then no issues I will cover up the topic about Why You Should Not Use Task Killer On Your Android device.

Not Use Task Killer

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Let’s check this cool example:

Suppose you are visiting any website or blog which is not having Adsense ads and some of the third party ads services enabled on their blog or sites. When you are using those sites. You get ads by saying that “Does Your Mobile Phone Run Slow” Clean it today by using Cleaner.

Now what will you do in this situation? You might be getting the situation in which you would be thinking that “Yes” My device run slow. I will not clean the mess and install on my Android device. Now, here you install this application on your device. Then you start cleaning the mess on your Android device. We have also shared about  Block pop-up Ads On Android it is a very easy tutorial and you must check that out.

After some time you feel like that your device is running faster now. This was the best Android application. You start suggesting the application to your friends, colleagues. Everyone without knowing about what will the application did on your Android device. Why one should not use task killer.

Let me tell you one funny and tech story:

It is a story of a shopkeeper and a normal child. Which is really interesting a lot and you will love it. This story which I am going to tell you is already said by a YouTube channel named as Technical Guruji. I will be explaining his story in some more easy way.

A shopkeeper always sells goods in his shop. Whenever a new customer comes in his shop, he goes inside the shop takes out the material and give it to the customer. Again a new user comes he gives goods to him by going inside his shop and gives him goods. Now, what does the shopkeeper thinks that this material is having the high demand of product so I will keep them near me? So I don’t have to go inside the shop, again and again, to take that material.

Then after some days, a child comes into his shop by saying that I want to work with you. You don’t pay me. I will do all your work for free. Then what does shopkeeper thinks he says OK fine? No issues I am getting a worker for free. Let’s appoint him. He gives him the job and says that you have to clean the shop now.

After that, the shopkeeper keeps all his goods near him. Now whenever any customer comes he can give those goods to the customers. Now, the child whom the shopkeeper has appointed he always keep those goods at his place. Whenever shopkeeper keeps his good near him he always keeps those goods in his place. Here what happens shopkeeper needs to go again and again to take that material out whenever the new customer comes.

Let’s think,

  • Child – Cleaner / Task Killer
  • Shopkeeper – Processor
  • Goods – Applications.
  1. You have appointed the child who is any task killer or any cleaner
  2. Shopkeeper is a processor which always tries to process the applications which are used by you frequently
  3. Goods are those applications which are used by the user of the mobile phone

Here what happens the processor tries to keep those applications which are opened frequently on your Android device. It becomes a cache memory and it saved in that memory, so that if you open that application again it will open super fast. Now, you install a cleaner on your Android device. Here what happens when you install that cleaner on your device. It always clears the cache. Now when you will open that application it requires powers and speed to open that again and again. Isn’t it? Now, clearing that memory again and again affects the device. After sometimes your Android device. Become slow and slow. This is the reason of your Android mobile phones becomes slow.

If you are using Android device. Your mobile phone is smart enough to know how to manage your phone memory. Your RAM that is installed on your device. Android phones are having the best processors and RAM installed. Putting this application will ruin your smartphone performance and speed. Instead, it will make your device slow. This is the why you should not use task killer.

When you clean recent tasks it OK fine. You don’t need to install any third party application on your device. Which helps you to make your Android device more and more faster. Be aware of this applications don’t install on your Android device. If you have installed those applications on your device. Remove it today.

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This is the reason why those applications get so many downloads on the rating on play store. Because sometimes we think it is a good application, but they are worst for your Android device. It will make your Android device too slow. This was the article about Why You Should Not Use Task Killer On Your Android, If you like our article please share it with your friends and keep visiting for more tips and tricks and stay tuned for more information on your Android. As always peace out.

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