Why You Should Never Shutdown Your PC During An Update

Windows 10’s biggest problem is it never ask you to update and the update gets started which is one of the major drawbacks and no one loves this force update where you can never choose when to update your windows.

If you are a windows user and if you want to use your windows urgently what you do?

Force shutdown?

Now, sometimes force shutdown will work fine and you can use your computer.

But sometimes it will give you a lot of problems and you may end up losing all your data.

Today, I am going to tell you why you should never shut down your desktop During an update.

Why You Should Never Shutdown Your PC While An Update

Windows Update

Windows Update is one of the essential step and if you see an update screen you need to wait for sometime because there are hundreds of files which are getting updated in the background.

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These files include a lot of important root files which helps your system to boot and if they are getting updated and when you shut down your PC it gets corrupted.

What Happens When You Shutdown Your Laptop During An Update?

One of my colleague turned on his Laptop. He saw that his PC is getting updated without even asking him.

Do you know what he did?

He turned off his Laptop.

Do you know why?

Just because windows didn’t ask him before updating.

He lost all his data because there was only 1 partition in his windows and this is the reason why he lost all his data.

I asked him why did you shut down your Laptop?

He told me it takes forever to update and I have tried shutting down my Laptop before and it used to get turn on but now it’s not starting.

Just because all his files were in C:/ drive and he lost all his data.

If you are having only 1 or 2 partitions in your windows I will suggest you do partition of your windows learn more from here to update your windows.

Why You Should Never Shutdown Your PC While An Update

Updating Windows is Necessary?

Yes, if you will update your windows you will be getting new security patches which will help you to secure your PC with the virus and other malware.

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Personally, I think if you install the application from the trusted source you really don’t need an Antivirus to secure your PC from threats.

If you have windows defender then it is enough there is no need of Antivirus software and this is the reason why I don’t have an Antivirus software on my windows just because I think windows defender is enough.

Why You Should Never Shutdown Your PC While An Update

Final Verdict

I hope you get it why you should never shut down your PC during an update. If you are using an Android phone or iOS device you should never turn it off.

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