How Does Netflix Work?

Netflix is used by millions of peoples around the world. One thing which I personally love about Netflix is that it is  available in 50 countries. The company’s revenue is estimated at $6 billion. That’s a huge revenue but we never know how does Netflix work? We watch too many tv shows on Netflix and never know that how Netflix is having such an huge library of TV shows and how does it stores the data?

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When internet came it came up with online streaming and Netflix and if you are from 90’s then you might be knowing about DVD’s and Blurays which you buy or pick those DVD’s at rent.

How Does Netflix Work?

You might be wondering that they are having 1 server which is located in United States or at Netflix headquarters which is serving you new season and episodes of Breaking Bad or Strangers Things?


No! If they are using 1 server at one location then it will be too hard for us to recieve the data and latency will be high and we will die getting a loading screen.

How Does Netflix Works?

Who wants to Wait?

I don’t want wait and I need a seamless experience and enjoy Netflix and they are having a huge audience and they won’t serve all users like this and this is really worst. If there is something wrong then 50+ countries need to pay for this issue and drawback.

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You’ll be like! Hey Xaif they can use their servers in all the location!

Yes, you are right Netflix uses 4669 servers in all the countries around the world and make sure those servers are backed up if there is any issues or outrage. They also make sure that users from 50 countries can enjoy seamlessly without high latency and download and stream Netflix shows in just few clicks.

How Does Netflix Works?

Now, This is not it! Netflix takes this a step further how? Let me tell you.

Netflix works with number of ISP’s. Netflix gives these ISP providers their own hardware which they can install on their servers and these are boxes which looks like a huge external hard disk.

Netflix uses a technology called as Open Connect Appliances. These boxes contains all the libraries and has the storage of 280 TB.

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That’s huge!

How Does Netflix Works? Open Connect Appliances
Open Connect Appliances

These boxes comes with almost entire libraries of Netflix and now instead of connecting some server which is located in India or Singapore you can connect to your own ISP without worrying about latency and your packets of data don’t need to fight.

When its time for any catalogue update then it is mostly done in the morning when there is less traffic available and then all your movies and tv shows are updated.

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Suppose if all the peoples are launching netflix at the same time then those appliances can transfer data at 90 gigabits/second. That means 13,000 peoples watching HD movies at once.

How Does Netflix Works?

If that’s not enough then Netflix gives more boxes to the ISP’s.

Open Connect Appliances is just for storing and transmitting videos and that’s it! In Netflix you’ll see the search feature, login, what shows you like and everything else Netflix uses Amazon Web Services and it is also called as AWS.

How Does Netflix Works? AWS

Whenever their traffic grows they can use a help of Amazon Web Services and everyone can enjoy watching Netflix shows and there is no issues.

When I said Amazon did something click in your mind?

Amazon Prime Videos Right?

They have their Amazon Prime Video thing and why would Amazon give their server to someone else and Netflix? Really? They are their biggest competitor.

Amazon Prime Video. How Does Netflix Works?

Amazon is earning really a good amount of money from Netflix by providing them servers and they won’t start kicking their competition and that will be a huge loss.

Final Verdict:

Now, do you know how Netflix works? I hope you understood the way and the working of Netflix by reading this article.

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