Ever Wondered What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

You might be having several electronic devices and all these devices have one thing in common. Every electronic device has the functionality to shut down for some period of time because like humans they need to rest. Ever wondered what happens when you shutdown your computer?

 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

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What you do when you need to shut down your computer you go to start menu and turn off your computer. There are people who might be holding the power button to shut down their computer. There are also people who directly turn off or remove the power supply to turn off their computer.

 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

When you shut down your computer properly you might have seen the loading screen which shows Windows is shutting down. This process takes around 1 minute and if you are having the latest Windows 10 then this process last for some seconds and that’s it your computer is turned off.

 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

What is that loading screen and what is running in the background?

Whenever you turn off your computer properly Microsoft Windows stops all the running services. Services which are running in the background or the tasks which you have been doing on your notepad. You might have saved an important data in your notepad and this is the reason why it shows you to save the document before shutting down your windows.

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 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

Now, you know that it shutdowns all the services properly and my data is never deleted. what next??

Whoa! Wait there cowboy let me explain you why is it important for your computer?

There are some services which are running in the background and if you will shut down your computer directly then there are chances that those services might get corrupted.

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Do you see your PC getting lag whenever you turn on your pc?

There is a reason why your pc experience that small lag and that is because all those services are getting started and those services are important and because of those services your PC is working absolutely fine.

This feature is not always about services and this is also about the application which you are running in the background. If you won’t close those services or applications, then you might end up losing some important data or you might experience software running slow or having some kind of issues.

 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

What Happens When You Update Your Windows?

Windows is a user-friendly product and it is important to update your windows. If you are using Windows 10 then you might have also encountered Windows is updating issues.

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That is not an issue but that is something you might love it because you can enjoy new features and then you can also enjoy the new security updates. This updating process sometimes takes an eternity.

 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

What you do when you need to go somewhere?

You press the power button or simply turn off your computer right? Where windows is specifically telling you don’t turn off your computer.

Do you know this process is updating all your files in the backend? If you shut down your computer you might experience issues such as a blue screen or hard disk failure. Sometimes you might also end up corrupting your windows and losing your all data.

 What Happens When You Shutdown Your Computer

Final Verdict:

If you will go through this article, there might be a question arising in your mind that what you should do to increase your computer life.

Properly shut down your computer and also try to update your windows to the latest version and make sure that you keep your pc running the latest Windows 10 and try not to use too many applications and try removing unwanted apps.

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