Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2018

Android is the operating system which is amazing and optimized a lot. There are some applications which are poorly built or sometimes there are a lot of background activity which keeps on decreasing your battery life. Today, we are going to tell you some of the top 5 worst apps for Android which you should uninstall it right now.

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Why? Just because they are consuming too much battery and if you want to use the application then you can install the alternative application or else you can try the web view version of the application.

There are some applications which you can uninstall it on your device. There are applications such as Facebook, Snapchat and many other applications which are working in the background and consuming too much battery.

You need to hibernate those applications and doing the hibernation, again and again, is of no use and you can try something else the best alternative to those applications. Let’s dive into the list of the applications.

Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2017

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Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2019

#1 Snapchat

If you are using Snapchat, then you might have seen the great loss of your battery life. If you don’t believe me try uninstalling the Snapchat and you will see a significant improvement on your battery life. We have seen nowadays many applications of Facebook having the features of Stories which you can try it on your phone. You can try WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook application and the stories feature are baked into it.

If you are using the Snapchat and having many friends on it, then you can follow the tutorial in which we have shown the way to Make Snapchat Use Less Battery Life & Data on Android.

Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2017

#2 Facebook and Facebook Messenger

This is one of the worst application which comes to the list. Everyone know the drawback of the Facebook application, and it is consuming a lot of battery. If you uninstall this application, then you will see 15% hike on your battery life. If you are using these applications on your device, then you should be aware of the notorious nature of this application.

These are the application which we can’t uninstall, and Facebook knew about their application drawbacks, and they released the lite version of Facebook and Facebook Messenger Lite. Personally, I am using this application on my device, and I have seen a significant rise in my battery life. These applications are well optimized.

Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2017

#3 News Apps

You might be shocked by knowing about the news application such as Aaj Tak, BBC News, Times of India are having their apps on Play Store. We love to hear the news as soon as possible, and these applications are continuously syncing your data in the background. These apps keep on running in the background, and whenever you open these apps news, you will be redirected to the websites anyway. What is the use of these applications anyway?

You can try opening their websites on your Chrome Browser, and you will get a pop-up to allow the push notifications. You will get the notifications whenever news is published on their sites and no need to download those applications on your device anymore.

Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2017

#4 Tinder

Tinder is the best application if you want to find a date. This application is well optimized. Where is the problem then? This application is continuously running in the background and finding the dates nearby. Tinder consumes too much battery and lowers your phone performance. If uninstalling the application is not possible then you can simply try to block the permissions you can do so if you are having an Android phone which is above 6.0.

If any application is running in the background, then it is one of the bad influence on your battery life. If your phone GPS is turned on and continuously searching for the locations, then it will consume a lot of battery of your phone. Tinder is going to launch the desktop version which will help you to browse through tinder from your desktop. You can visit

Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2017

#5 Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping you might be shocked seeing the name of it. Developers poorly build this application and having the same user interface which is in the mobile phone website. Amazon continuously pings their server in the background and brings new notifications on your phone. If you are using this application, then you should uninstall it and use the website.

Top 5 Worst Apps For Android 2017

Final Verdict:

These are some Worst Apps For Android which you should uninstall it right now. If you want to save your phone battery. In the latest version of Android O., You will see an entirely new look, and you can say bye to those applications which are running in the background.

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