8 Best Browsers For Android Phone In 2019

As Many of them might be having a question about the best Android browser. There are many browsers available for Android. But some of them are best and unique so, in today’s article, we are going to discuss Best Browsers for Android Phone. Which you will really love it. If you are thinking to choose something best so you can read and get the full information.

We are going to discuss 8 browsers which is been used by millions of peoples around the world and having the amazing and good response in downloading and while surfing the internet and you will really love those applications features. All the browsers in the list are having one of the key features which makes this browser unique.

Browsers are from 1990’s and they have changed the full world as from Netscape navigator to Microsoft Edge. They are having the good user interface and smooth. But we are going to discuss about Android so all the browsers are good enough. Let’s get started with the list of best browsers.

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8 Best Browsers for Android Phone in 2019

In this list, we are going to discuss about best 8 browsers which will be having some advance and top features. A good user interface and many of the browsers are available for many other operating systemss such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Let’s dive into the list of best browsers.

#1. Google Chrome

Chrome Best Browser For Android Phone

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers if you want to use any sites. It is having a good user interface and best features. This is the only browser available on play store which is having 1 billion downloads.

Google chrome is having the feature of Request Desktop Site in which it opens the exact site of desktop and that too without any glitches if you are having the good hardware and software. The data saver option saves the mobile data.

Google chrome is having a tabular feature which again opens unlimited tabs on google chrome. The next best thing is syncing of the data which sync data of your Android device to desktop’s google chrome. It bookmarks the site and you can check the data

The disadvantage of Google chrome is that it consume the high amount of RAM and the battery consumption is even too high. If you are having good hardware then you can simply go with this application because of the best features.


#2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Best Browser For Android Phone

Mozilla Firefox is known by everyone around the world. Mozilla is a non-profit organisation and this is the browser which is cross platform and used by many people around the world. If you have surf internet then you might have also used Mozilla firefox on your Desktop.

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Mozilla Firefox is having a good user interface and an inbuilt download menu in which you can check out the files which are downloading. The downloading speed of Mozilla is also too good.

Mozilla firefox is having add-on feature in which you can install several add-ons in your mobile phone. This feature is unique in Mozilla which is not available in any browser given in the list. This application is having flash support. This application easily syncs your data and backup and super fast speed of surfing the internet.


#3. UC Mini

UC Mini Best Browser For Android Phone

UC browser is used by many peoples around the world. UC Mini is the another browser which is been launched by UC Browser it is a small and fast browser in speed which again a light.

If you are not having a good hardware then UC Mini is something you should really give a try to because it is having the amazing features. The next good feature in which all types of UC browsers are famous is that you can download at the good speed and there are really very fewer chances of download failed and this is the best feature which you can give a try.

It is having a good rating of 4.5 stars and good reviews because of the small size of 1.50 MB Approx and works on every Android device. If you are running Android version below 4.0x then UC Mini works amazingly fast. The Facebook fast download feature is also too good. You can surf fast speed browsing of Facebook.


#4. Opera Mini

Opera Best Browser For Android Phone

Opera mini is known for its simplicity. Opera Mini has won many awards in speed and fast and simple user interface. Opera mini is available in many versions. It is just 3 MB and it is fast. You can save pages for offline and read it later.

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Opera Mini is having the good rating on Play Store and it is having different versions I will suggest you to download the apk from the given link below. This version of opera mini is good, simple and fast.

The major disadvantage of opera mini is that it is just good for surfing you cannot download big files using Opera mini which is a big drawback of this application. Anyways you can download the application from given link below.


#5. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser Best Browser For Android Phone

Dolphin Browser is used by many people around the world and got amazing ratings. Dolphin Browser is having add-on a feature in which you can easily block the ads which are getting on your screen again and again. This is the best feature of Dolphin browser. It is having a good rating of 4.5 stars which is really a good rating for any application.

If we look at the interface then Dolphin browser is having a different user interface in which it detects which SSL certificate is good. It traces for the certificate and site which are using free SSL. It helps you to detect the fake and phishing site.

Dolphin browser has got a good support and you can write any review on play store and they will answer you in a day or two. The disadvantage of this browser is that sometimes you need a good hardware to browse big sites above 1 MB page size.


#6. Flyperlink

FlyperLink Best Browser For Android Phone

Flyperlink is the browser which is just of 2.50 MB approx and it is having a pretty good feature. This is really a modern time browser which is having a feature of modern times. In this browser, you can browse the internet in floating button.

This feature makes the application easy and modern technology. The other feature of this application is that it is having a share button in which you can search for any details in one click. It is fully material design user interface this is a must want the feature of the application.

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The major disadvantage of this application is that it is too slow to browse any website. I tried this browser to open my site and it took about more than 30 seconds which is really the biggest disadvantage of the application. If you want to try this application then you can try it in your device without allowing any extra details.


#7. Maxthon

Maxthon Browser Best Browser For Android Phone

The next best browser is Maxthon it is known for its good best download speed. This application is having a good user interface. Maxthon is having a gesture control feature which opens any site whose gestures are predefined in the application.

It is having a sync option which can sync the data of browser and you can use those content on your PC and other operating systems. It will save a lot of time while browsing the internet.

Maxthon is a cross platform application which is also available for Android, Windows and iOS. This application is having a pretty good rating on google play store and millions of downloads. This is really a very old browser to browse and surf internet.

Maxthon is having a good download manager and it is been downloading all extension files within some time. It is known a lot for its downloading feature which saves a lot of time. The Ad block feature of the application blocks the pop-up ads and flash content ads which helps a lot while browsing the internet.


#8. UC Browser

Best Browsers for Android Phone

UC Browser and UC Browser Mini both are different browsers. This application is one of my favourite application for downloading any kind of videos and music files. If something which really makes me addicted to this application is downloading. This application is having a pretty good add-on which there is a really a good feature. You should give a try to all the add-ons available on play store.

The downloading which is done from the application is completed in a completely different manner which is again the best feature of the application. If you using the internet which is slow then this browser is of no use. The ad-block feature of the application also blocks pop-up ads and google ads too which is really very good feature and you can get rid of advertisements.

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UC Browser loads facebook within some seconds and it is 80% faster than the normal browser. The UCWeb always try to add the somewhat new feature of the application. The boost charge feature is been added in the application which shows the status of your battery.

This application was launched in 2009 for Symbian mobile phones and it is one of the trending application and used by million of peoples around the world. If you are having fast internet.


Wrapping up

This were some of the 8 Best Browsers for Android Phone in 2016. If you face any difficulty feel free to comment below. If you think some of your favourite browsers is missing in this list then please do let us know in the comment section. I hope you love this tutorial share it with your friends and we will be back again with one more review. Peace out.

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  1. I being use uc browser for downloading it give very fast download even goggle chromo and other browsers take so much time I think uc is best for downloading but I hate it because it causes memory and harming about 9.8% of my phone battery only one time but I recommend to not download tissue browser while it best in java mobiles but not in Android while data saver opera mini save upto 90% of data in all phones mostly I tried this browser on Samsung GT-S522 in bullet opera mini in applications icon it saves mostly in java and android all also in other softwares but I tried this on the two softwares. NOW DISCUSS Main step fast browser is puffin browser get it on Google play uc takes about near 1mb to load pages while puffin takes 0.10mb to loaded save data 90% of data and super fast speed but downloading speed is not good UC BROWSER need improvement we don’t clear data clear of uc but it when we clear data it shows data successfully clear but it not cleared thanks you GOOD BYE


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