Download Facebook Messenger Lite in any Country on Android

Facebook is the social networking site which is used by billion of users. Millions of users chat with each other with the help of Facebook via messenger. If you have noticed the Messenger, then you will see that Facebook Messenger consumes a lot of memory, battery, and data. Facebook introduced a new version of Facebook Messenger which is called as Facebook Messenger Lite. This is available only in some countries only. We are going to tell you the way you can Download Facebook Messenger Lite In Any country on Android.

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Facebook knew about the messenger that it consumes too much battery, data, and memory of many Android devices. Many users need to force stop the Facebook Messenger. There were a lot of issues in the messenger, so Facebook introduced the Facebook Messenger Lite.

This Facebook Messenger Lite is a fantastic application which is having great features. This messenger is having the same user interface as Facebook Messenger. There are some features which are missing in the lite version which we will tell you below.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite


Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is the new app which is launched by Facebook. This application is just of 4.96 MB and having the same features which are in Messenger.

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Facebook Messenger Lite is not having the features such as Chat Heads and Stickers which is fine because it is the lite application there are chances that more features will be coming soon in facebook messenger lite.

The user interface of the application is same as that of Facebook Messenger, and it is fast and lightweight. You can use it on your device without any issues. You can also download Shareit apk

Download Facebook Messenger Lite

Download Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is available in some countries such as Vietnam and Nigeria, and many other nations. This application is still not available in many countries such as India, Srilanka and many other countries.

Today, we will tell you the way you can download this messenger in any country, and you will be able to chat with everyone with the help of this messenger.

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We have tested this application, and it is very fast and great alternative of the Facebook Messenger. You can download the latest version from our blog. You can bookmark this page and keep a look at the updates of the application.

How to Download Facebook Messenger Lite In Any Country On Android

  • Download the Facebook Messenger Lite from here:


  • Install the application, and you will get the unknown sources warning.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite

  • Click on Settings to enable unknown sources.
  • Now, Toggle On the Unknown Sources and click back.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite

  • Try installing the Facebook Messenger Lite on your device again.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite

  • Log in to your Facebook Account and enjoy the new Facebook Messenger Lite on your device.

Video Guide:

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Final Verdict:

This way you can download Facebook Messenger Lite on any Android device and in any country without any issues. This application works great, and it doesn’t consume too much data and memory.

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