How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

iPhone is the best when you send the text message to your friends. The animation and the user interface all look amazing. We know mostly we forget to message our friends whether it is their birthday or sometimes when they want us to remember something very important. Today I will tell you the way you can easily Schedule Text Messages on iPhone.

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We all know when it comes to Android the customization is good and there are no restrictions in sending the scheduled messages but when it comes to iPhone then we are limited and can’t do too many things with the iPhone and this is what makes the iPhone a more secure device.

There are a lot of the application available for the iPhone which helps you to schedule the text messages and on WhatsApp but there are certain restrictions in the iPhone and that is the message won’t be sent automatically to the sender instead it will send you the push notifications and you need to send the message by copying it.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

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Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

We most of the times forget our favorite friends birthdays, anniversary and sometimes we forget to message them. We always try to make them feel special by sending them the message on time or on 12.00 A.M sharp. You can remember those messages and all the other things by scheduling the text message on your phone.

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We all know that the iPhone doesn’t allow to send the message automatically but it allows the users to send the push notification and it will help you to remind you every time.

There are a lot of third party applications which help the schedule message on iPhone. If you will see all the application they allow the users to send the push notification. The name of the application is Scheduled.

Scheduled – Schedule your text messages

The name of the app is Scheduled and the name says it all the way the application works and it allows the users to schedule the message and if you want you can send these message to WhatsApp too.

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This is the best application with too many settings and when you will open the application it also tells us the message which you have set to scheduled and it is the great application in which you can work with it.

The user interface of the application is really great and you can use this application in the new version of the iOS 11. We have tested this application in the iOS 10 and it is working amazing and you should also give a try to this application on your iPhone device.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  • Download the Scheduled – Schedule your text messages application for your iPhone device from App Store.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  • Open the application and you will find a Create Message button.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  • You need to select the Recipient to whom you want to send the message.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  • Enter your message which you would like to send it to your friend.
  • Select the Schedule date and select the date you want to get reminded to send the message.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  • You can select the repeat button to repeat the message every day, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  • Now click on the Schedule message and wait for the day and you will get the push notification of the message.

Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

The Best Alternatives of Scheduled

1. Later

Later is the application which works the same way as the Scheduled and the best part of the application it will also allow you to schedule the tweets and email which you can send it later but you need to pay for the pro subscription of 4.99$ month and it is obvious and if you need the extra features then you can pay for the application and enjoy it. You can download the application from the App Store. If you will pay for the pro version of this app you can won’t be getting the auto send feature which is really a limitation of the Apple.

   Download from App Store

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2. Text Timer

Text Timer is the another application which helps you to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone. This application works the same way as scheduled and later works. There are the settings in the application which will help you to edit a lot of things. Text Timer allows you to send the message to any of your friends and also edit the message which you have scheduled to send it. Text timer is having a great user interface which you will love it on your device.

   Download from App Store

Final Verdict:

These were the list and the way you can Schedule Text Messages on iPhone. These applications also help you to remember it and it sends you the push notification which is one of the best features you can try on your device.

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