How to Find Devices Connected To Your WiFi In Android and iPhone

Nowadays, WiFi is been used by many peoples around the world. If you are having your own wifi router you might be thinking of who is using your WiFi. Today I am going to tell you about how to check devices which are connected to your Wifi using Android and iPhone. In this article, we are going to discuss two methods one about Android and another about iOS. We never post anything about iPhone but we have a category which is related about iPhone only.

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Most of the times when you use any Android device. You give you the password to your friends and it is normal everyone gives to every friend. There are chances that They will share your wifi password to other friends. Now, you really don’t know that whom they have shared your password with and this is the reason behind you get less speed while surfing on the internet.

How to Find Devices Connected To Your Wifi In Android and iPhone

Fing is the Android and iPhone application which helps you to find the devices which are connected to your wifi router. You don’t need to configure anything in your router. You just need to open the application and it will automatically search for the devices which are connected to your wifi router. It is just of 1.5 MB application and having a good play store rating.

This application has million of downloads and used by many peoples. This application is having the feature of logs which see to it that you see that what user is browsing at the moment. This is again a pretty good feature of the application. This application is freely available on Play Store. This application traces all the IP addresses and gives the device manufacturer name, for example, Samsung, devices is connected or others. You can also assign your friends name to the router to see at what time he/she is connected to your router.


The same application is available for both the operating system of Android and as well as iPhone that is Fing and in both the operating system it is having the good user interface. You can ping the router and check the details of the routers. Now, let’s get started about how to get started with the application.

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How to Find Devices Connected To Your Wifi Router In Android

  • Firstly Download and install Fing – Network tools from here – Play Store.
  • Open the application and click on scan and the scan will be initiated.


  • Now, open the application and you will get the list of the application connected to your wifi.


  • Now, click on the refresh icon and you will see all the details. Always refresh whenever you are opening the application.

Scanning-Device-Connected-To-Your-Wifi-Network-33-576x1024 (1)

  • Save your friend’s name if you want to save the detail of authorised person.

How to Find Devices Connected To Your Wifi Router In iPhone

  • Download the Fing – Network tools from your iTunes store from here – Itunes Store.
  • Now, simply scan for the devices which are connected to your router.
  • Now, open the wifi network and it will show you all the details of the wifi.

Find Devices Connected To Your WIFI fing-iOS


  • Save your friend’s name and authorize them to use your wifi network.

Wrapping Up

This way you can easily search for the wifi which is connected to your wifi routers. I hope you like this tutorial. This was the article about How to Find Devices Connected To Your Wifi Router in Android and iPhone. If your friends are having wifi router share this post with your friends. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks and I will meet you in the next one. Peace out.

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