How to Spy on Your Partner’s Android Phone When He/She is Acting Shady?

The 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield once said, “The truth will set you free… but first it will make you miserable.”

No wonder he was right.

When you are engaged in an exclusive and monogamous relationship, you don’t expect your partner would lie to you. You also don’t believe he or she would hurt you — your confidence, dignity, and pride. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have such a partner in their life. There are high-conflict personalities who seems charming and trustworthy at first until you caught them in their deceit when cheating or any form of infidelity occurs. Being cheated on by your other half can be excruciatingly painful because your spouse is someone whom you have trusted above all others.

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So, when you realize your partner is acting shady and hiding something big from you, like having an affair or addiction issues, what would you do. You will confront him or her. But, they will tell you to bug off, you are wrong, you are stupid or overly insecure. In brief, they will make you feel as if you have a problem, not them. However, in reality, you are absolutely right in your observations about their lies and behavior. Your partner is trying to manipulate you. Not only that is dishonest and deceitful, it’s also a mental and emotional abuse.

The reason that your partner is behaving this way is unacceptable. It is distressing and painful because nobody wants to believe they have been cheated on, especially by a person whom they have trusted and dedicated their lives to. But how can you be sure if you are being lied to? The proliferation of mobile spy apps has made it easier than ever before to discover a partner’s illicit affair. Text messages, emails and internet browsing history often leave careless cheaters with electronic affair trial. Use a monitoring software to tap into your partner’s android phone and gather evidence.

Don’t know how to spy on android phone? Let us help you.

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Spy on Your Partner Android

How to Spy on Your Partner Android?

Tracking android devices is fairly easy. The security system of the OS is such that it makes them vulnerable to spyware without the user ever knowing. First off, find a reliable cell phone monitoring software such as Xnspy and then opt for a subscription plan that fits your budget. After purchasing a plan, you will receive an email from the vendor containing your username and password. Now, install the application on the device you would like to keep tabs on. The installation process is easy and doesn’t take you too long to download the tracking app on the target device. After the download is complete, use the credentials and access your personal dashboard to set preferences for uploading data.

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Once the remote connection is established with your device using the android spy application, data from the monitored phone will upload freely to your dashboard. Virtually, you will be able to see everything that happens on the monitored smartphone from within your dashboard. You can spy on android phone using a spy software like Xnspy, anywhere, anytime provided you have an internet connection.

Remember, it is not a rocket science. Today, a wide majority of spy app developers have live demos on their websites to help users learn to use these programs.

Spy on Your Partner Android

What Will You Get to See?

Get introduced with the intuitive features of your spyware simply by tapping on your device screen. Here are some advanced features that a reliable android spy app promises to deliver.

1: Phone Log Details

A concerned spouse can use the functionality to gain the details of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls. The call log will not only reveal the exact duration of the calls but also depict the name and number of the contact with date and time stamp of each call. You can also see the entire list of contacts on the target phone.

2: Call and Surround Recording

Automatically record all the outgoing and incoming calls along with phone surroundings. All the recordings are then uploaded to your dashboard so you can eavesdrop on them at any time. Recording phone surroundings will not only help you better understand the situation, but also enable you to catch serial cheaters who carefully plans their every move and hardly leaves an evidence. A spying tool will help you catch them by hearing behind-the-wall communication.

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3. Read Chats and Text Messages

With the spread of communication platforms, it has become easy for people to connect with an old flame or philandering fink. People are chatting, sharing photos, videos and God knows what more through these platforms. To curb the evil, a tracking application allows you to keep a check on instant messenger chats and text messages (including emails). You can see the content of the chats and texts along with contact name, number, date and time details to better understand the situation. Whether the target is using Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Facebook or Kik Messenger.

4. Watch-List Alerts

If you are fear your husband or wife could be communicating with a specific person or contact, you can put that name on your watch-list and receive instant notification whenever your other half calls them. Furthermore, you can define specific words, places and numbers to prevent any malicious activity from happening. These are certain words, numbers and locations you want to be aware of as soon as the target types them on his or her device.

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5. GPS Location Monitoring

Through GPS location tracking feature, you can stay abreast with the current location of your cutie pie and also view his previous locations by accessing history. The app provides exact address together with the longitude and latitudes so you can have all the specifications to track your beloved.

Final Thoughts

If you care enough about your partner and your relationship, nip things in the bud. When you are suspicious of your spouse’s, address the issue right away rather sitting on them and waiting for things to spiral out of control. Last but not least, make sure to pick the best spyware because all the monitoring programs are not created equal.

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