Meet the Man Who Added Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

We all know that iPhone removed their headphone jack from his iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and that was really the saddest thing and most of the users didn’t like this step of iPhone. The thing is if iPhone does something new they never roll back and you will not see a Headphone jack in iPhone 8 as well.  There is a guy from New York named as Scotty Allen from StrangeParts who added headphone jack on his iPhone 7.

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Tomorrow on 12-Sept-2017 iPhone is going to release their iPhone 8 and we are hoping that there will be no Headphone jack in the new iPhone 8 as well.

There are a lot of users who tried to add headphone jack on their iPhone. You might have seen Techrax who convinced a lot of users to drill their iPhone 7. They failed 😀

Added Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

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Meet the Man Who Added Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

Scotty Allen went to Hong KongChina to add the headphone jack in his iPhone 7. He asked a couple of sellers who sell iPhone parts that they can add headphone jack on his iPhone 7? Everyone thought he is a mad guy but let me tell you he is the guy who made his iPhone 6s and from scratch.

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He is an engineer and believe me, he is really an awesome guy. The way he added the iPhone 7 jack on his iPhone 7 was great and he destroyed almost 2 screens and invested hundreds of dollars. That is fine because if you want to succeed in your life you need to lose something.

If you are a technology fan then I will suggest you watch his video and it is 33 minutes video and learn a lot of things and how he made it and his story will teach you a lot of things why you should never back down. He is already breaking charts on Reddit and you can take a part in his Reddit conversation.

Added Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

Bringing BACK The iPhone Headphone Jack – in China

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If you can’t watch his full video then you can also watch a sneak peek.

Sneak Peek

Final Verdict:

This is how Scotty Allen was able to add headphone jack on his iPhone 7. There will be more experiments he will be following soon and you can also follow his work by subscribing to his YouTube Channel

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