Prank Your Friends By Calling Them For Free With Ownage Pranks App

Yesterday, I was looking at some YouTube videos and came accross one youtuber who pranks users by calling them. I thought why not I do something like this and call my friends and prank them. I found Ownage Pranks App which helps you to call your friends for free and prank them.

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This is the best application which will help you out to prank your friends. Be with me today, I will be giving you one of the best application which will help you out to prank your friends.

You might be wondering!

Hey Xaif, there are hundreds of application on play store. What is too special in this app?

You are right! The reason why this application took my attention was the speech recognition technology which recognizes your friends voice and then prank your friends.

The developer has worked hard to give you something to prank with your friends. Believe me your friends won’t be able to recogize you when you will prank them and it will be like real human.

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Every week there is new voice which is been sent to you in the application you can call your friends for free. Suppose this week you will get a tyrone prank next week you will get something else which you can enjoy.

Ownage Pranks App

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Prank Your Friends By Calling Them For Free With Ownage Pranks App

Basically, the name of your YouTuber is Russel and the channel name is Ownage Pranks which is having some great videos and you should check that out. I have pranked some of my friends and found this app really interesting and worth sharing with you guys.

This is application is having algorithm which is Silence Detection, Real Time Analysis, and AI Response.

Sounds Rocket Science Right?

Let me explain you individually everything in an easy way.

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Silence Detection:

Silience Detection checks when is prospect silent and he is confused and it is been checked by algorithm and everything is based on algorithm. You need to be quite when you are talking with your friends.

Real Time Analysis:

Owanage Pranks App checks every word which is said by prospect and you don’t have to speak anything whenever the victim is speaking anything. The application will do everything.

AI Response:

AI knows when to reply and when the user will stop talking and everything. This is what makes application smart and you can download the application and find out more exciting stuff in the application.

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Ownage Pranks App Algorithm

How to Prank Your Friends By Calling Them For Free With Ownage Pranks App

  • Download the Ownage Pranks application from here:

   Ownage Pranks App [24 MB]

  • Above link will redirect to play store and download the application on your phone.

Ownage Pranks App

  • Read the instruction of how to use this application and how to prank your friends.
  • There you will see a button to login using Facebook and via email. If you will sign up you will get 5 Credits which you can use it to prank your friends.

Ownage Pranks App Installation (3)

  • Click on the green button and you can find out which prank you need to send your friends.

Ownage Pranks App Installation (3)

  • You can send your favourite prank to your friend and add your friends number in the number column and click on speaker.

Ownage Pranks App Installation (3)

  • That’s it! Listen to your friends getting pranked. If you are Indian then you don’t need to worry about international number. This application will send the prank to your friend using Indian number.

Checkout How I Prank My Friends:

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Who and What is Ownage Pranks?

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Final Verdict:

Did you prank your friends? You can share this article with your friends and let them know about this application and they will hardly able to catch you because you will be totally anonymous.

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This was the article about the way you can prank your friends with the help of ownage pranks application and you can fool anyone with the help of this application.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. If you have any issues in the application then you can feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out.

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