How To Become Beta Tester Of WhatsApp

Become Beta Tester

Hey Fellas! As we all Know that WhatsApp is coming up with newer version day by day. Today I will tell you a new trick in which I will show you, How can you become beta tester of WhatsApp. Previously we have also shared about How To Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHackBasically Beta Tester what does this word mean? The word beta Tester means testing any kind of software before everyone most of times this software are Generic Software which means developers gives their software to test and if any issues or any bug is encountered by them then you can mail WhatsApp and say them that there is a bug in WhatsApp. You may also like How To Do Video Call On WhatsAppAfter fixing all the bugs of WhatsApp they will release the stable version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Beta Testing Program
WhatsApp Beta Testing Program

How To Become Beta Tester Of WhatsApp

Becoming a Beta Tester of WhatsApp is really good just because you try the new version of WhatsApp before anyone else. You may also like Best WhatsApp Status To Keep On Your WhatsApp Account. Those who are sharing the WhatsApp documents by going into file manager. You can easily send those documents from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has completely solve all this bugs in the new upcoming version of WhatsApp. We have also shared about How To Bypass Blocked Websites in School And College Without Any Software. Now, WhatsApp has became fully material design in which WhatsApp has changed their settings options. Some of this options which you will not like, then it is fine you can simply mail WhatsApp and say them that this feature which you have updated with the new beta version of WhatsApp is not good or unstable. Hope in future they will correct this bug.

WhatsApp doesn’t supports mobile phones which are rooted. Once I asked support to them they said me that you are using custom ROM and Rooted mobile phone and we know why you have done. You may also like Why Freecharge And Paytm Ain’t Giving Offers To Airtel Actually when you send them email, WhatsApp generates a LOG files which has all the details of our mobile phone. A complete Information about our mobile. Then when you send them mail then they checks the log files and then they send you support by checking your stock ROM and other details.

When you will become a beta tester of WhatsApp you will get updates of the application on Play Store with no change logs. You have to search for it and check what is changed in the new WhatsApp and you can easily find it and you will really love the new design of WhatsApp. You will get this updates everyday. Also visit Best Android Custom Rom 2016. You can also share the new updates of WhatsApp to your friend’s so that they can also enjoy the newest version of WhatsApp.

How To Become Beta Tester Of WhatsApp

Step 1: Firstly, visit at the link from here – Become Beta Tester

Become Tester

Step 2: Now, login or sign up with your Gmail account. Which you are using with Play Store

Step 3: Click on Become Tester Button and you will be tester of the WhatsApp

Step 4: You will get the notification of you are now a tester and you will receive the new update of WhatsApp shortly

How To Unsubscribe From Beta Testing Of WhatsApp

Step 1: Head up to this link of unsubscribe WhatsApp Testing from here – Unsubscribe WhatsApp Testing

Leave testing

Step 2: Now, Click on Leave The Program and uninstall the Beta Applications

Step 3: Now Install the Stable version of WhatsApp from Play Store

Step 4: Now, you have successfully unsubscribed the beta Testing program and now you can install WhatsApp application.


You can now join the beta testing program of WhatsApp and unsubscribe it any time and you can share this WhatsApp with your friends and family members. You may also like How To Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads In Your Android Without Root. If you want support then you can mail WhatsApp at [email protected] Thank You for visiting and keep visiting for more updates and tricks 🙂

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  1. Thank you but would like to inform you that whatsapp is not accepting testers anymore . Do we have any other way to enable the beta testing facility


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