How To Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads In Your Android Without Root

Hey Fellas! As we all know that the WhatsApp is having many features and many applications came in the market such as Hike, Telegram and other applications but people loves WhatsApp. If you will check that hike is having many features such as Stickers, Group limit is high and many other amazing features but people like WhatsApp because it is platform independent. It works in any platform such as Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Android. So in todays article we are going to show you how can you enable Chat heads in your device just same as Facebook messenger

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Enabling the chat heads from Dashdow comes up with many amazing features such as this app wont show your last seen to your friends and you can read the messages of your friends without opening WhatsApp isn’t it quite good? But at the same time this application is having some of its disadvantages too that we will be discussing down

WhatsApp chat Heads

You would have seen Facebook messenger. There are chat heads in the application and you can check the messages. This application is available on play store and you don’t need rooted device and without opening WhatsApp you can easily check who have messaged you. Make your WhatsApp like Facebook messenger.

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— No need of rooted mobile phone
— Read WhatsApp message without opening WhatsApp Messenger
— Hide your last seen, Blue ticks, and online status
— Check messages directly from lock screen without unlocking your device


— You can only read the messages you can’t reply the messages
— For replying the message you need to open the application
— You need 4.0+ Android device it is not supported in lower device

This were some advantages of the application so lets see how to enable the WhatsApp chat heads

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How To Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads In Your Android Without Root

Step 1: Install the Dashdow application from here – Play Store

Step 2: Open the application and allow the app Notification Access


Step 3: Now allow the application permission given in below screenshot


Step 4: Now you will see Access Success and now just click on OK


Step 5: Whenever you will receive message on WhatsApp cheat heads will appear


This was the application from which you can easily enable chat heads so keep visiting for more tricks of WhatsApp and thank you for  visiting.

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