Why Freecharge And Paytm Ain’t Giving Offers To Airtel

Hey Guys, so today I am gonna explain you about freecharge and paytm why they aren’t giving offers to airtel only. many of times when we recharge from any website such as freecharge or paytm we don’t get good offers of 50% cashack or 100% cashback and it really irritates alot.

But Why this is happening And why there is no offers for Airtel?

So this was all started in mid of june in which something came out which is known as net neutrality and which is nowadays named as free basics if you don’t know what actually Net Neutrality and free basic means so let me explain you.

Airtel planned to put higher rates on internet services like whatsapp and viber just because whatsapp has lower messages rates you can send unlimited messages to your friends by WhatsApp and from Viber you can call your friends for free so this things broke the market of airtel and the cost of airtel One message is of Rs 1 and 1.50 per message and calling rates also increased because of this issues. If they are charging Rs 1 for per message so why don’t one will switch to WhatsApp and viber.

Many of them switched to WhatsApp and Viber so airtel increased the charges of internet not on airtel there were more telecome providers after this many of users flooded on the airtel twitter page and spam a lot and rated 1 star to the airtel application.

After this all, Flipkart joined this program where airtel was giving free data to the users who buy’s new phone from flipkart and they will get free 3G data and the same thing happened with the flipkart many of the users rated 1/5 stars to flipkart app on google play store so flipkart took their steps back from airtel program from that time we encourage net neutrality so it means there should be same data charges for all the website and application which you are using and many of them sended mail to TRAI and what they did they given all our emails to those spammers who regularly spams in our inbox all the time. and airtel still didn’t stop this yet. here are some tweets regarding #NETNEUTRALITY #SAVETHEINTERNET

So Airtel was going on loss by seeing this just because WhatsApp / Facebook so they increased the prices of data and we all have flooded on the airtel app and flipkart application.

Q.1) Why Freecharge And Paytm Ain’t Giving Offers To Airtel?

Ans – Just because airtel doesn’t give commission to freecharge and paytm

So Airtel has launched their application which gives all the offers and details and they said that if you want offers so switch to our application. Airtel is not giving commissions to freecharge and paytm so why they will offer cashback to airtel and it may be possible that they are giving less commission to freecharge and paytm


So what will happen if there will be no offers for the website like paytm, freecharge, and mobikwik simply they will switch to other telecom provider and it will boost the net neutrality

So Airtel said this websites to stop giving cashbacks if there is 100% cashback so that is not valid for airtel if airtel will get they will only get 4% cashback on recharges :p who wants 4%? No one even I don’t want to so if you want offer you will get good offer from airtel application

Do You need To Support Net Neutrality ? Support From Here

You can send email for net neutrality to TRAI from here – SaveTheInternet.In

You can tweet on twitter by putting Hash Tags (#)  #NetNeutrality and #SaveTheInternet to Airtel regarding the net neutrality.

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9 thoughts on “Why Freecharge And Paytm Ain’t Giving Offers To Airtel”

  1. Hey xaif Hi ! First of all, a very happy vala new year. I just want to know why few people are saying ‘Don’t support free basics’. I thought of asking it from you first.

    • Happy New Year to you too bro so many of the peoples says dont support free basics why do they say you they say you if a some notifications comes to you by saying that support net neutrality or support free basics so dont show any supports towards that notification just because Facebook will show that you are not against free basic and if you really have to show support then mail TRAI at savetheinternet.in

    • Hi,
      If you support net neutrality, it means that you are against Airtel and Facebook. You are against the price hike of particular app/websites/services. It is a good thing because, no one can dictate us, the users, to use a particular website/service.


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