Top 10 Best Android Custom Rom 2019

Android is One of the best and popular operating system which is owned by Google and Android is the operating system which is used by 798 Million people in this world and Just 294 Million people’s runs iOs operating system. So Why do most of the peoples loves to use the Android Operating system and why people prefer to buy android instead of IoS. You may also like How To Modify WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsHack. According to me, I love the android operating system just because of customization and I can install lots of application in it and do a lot of customization and refer and earn free recharges. Also check out WhatsApp BOT: An Auto Reply Virtual Assistant Robot

So Android is the operating system which is an open source means anyone can take the stock ROM which is known as AOSP (Android Open Source Project) it means companies like Samsung, Sony, and MIUI can take this ROM and they can do some changes and add some more features in it and share with us. You may also like How To Install One App Twice On Android Without Root

We use this ROM again and again and feel changing its colours and the launcher but after 3 to 4 months you will feel bored with the mobile so custom ROM are used to change the whole look and feel of the Android mobile phone and instead of changing launchers you can simply change ROM of your android device so lets see which are the best Android ROM of 2017. You may also like Why Do Device Overheats And How To Fix Overheating Issues

Best Android Custom Rom

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Top 10 Best Android Custom Rom 2019

#1 Cyanogen Mod: Best Android ROM For Customization


Recently I flashed CM 13 in my Nexus 5 and this was the first time in my life I flash any ROM so when I looked at the mobile features it was somewhat same as my stock ROM. After installing CM 13 on it when I opened setting what I have seen is a lot of customization in it so when the name comes best ROM for customization so Cyanogen mod comes first. Nowadays many devices such as YU, One Plus comes with this ROMs so that users can do changes in themes and features.

Cyanogen Mod Official Website

#2 MIUI: Best Android ROM of 2019


We have seen android mobile phones such as Redmi 1S and Redmi 2 when Xiaomi launched this mobile phones it was the boom in the market that this mobile phones with 1 GB ram give amazing features and customization So many people bought this mobile phone by seeing the mixture of operating system of IOS and Android.


#3. Paranoid : Android Custom ROM


This is the another best ROM which is the best alternative of Cyanogen mod and this ROM has extra features then Cyanogen mod this application have features which allow you to change the navigation bar, status bar and you ca also change the layout of your mobile phone to tablet and many other changes you can do with this ROM

Paranoid Official Website

#4. AOKP: Custom Android ROM


AOKP is the ROM which is known as android open Kang project in this ROM is having the customization too and the things which you will love in this ROM is speed and reliability when the name comes to speed you can suggest this ROM to your friends and enjoy this ROM this ROM is having transparent notification and this ROM skin and settings are black and it has custom vibrations and all other features available in this ROM.

AOKP Official Website

#5. Slim Bean: Best ROM In Simplicity


When the name comes to simplicity this is the best android ROM is known for its simplicity this ROM is not having much customization but from this ROM you can enjoy the simple, classy and ambient look of your mobile phone

Slim Bean ROM Official Website

#6 Dirty Unicorn: Best In Customization

Dirty Unicorn

Dirty Unicorn is the another Custom ROM which looks same as Cyanogen Mod which is having inbuilt tweaks and with great battery backup, which is really an amazing feature of this type of Custom ROM. When you will head up to the setting it will allow you to do changes in the settings, it is having inbuilt super SU so no need to root this custom ROM.

Dirty Unicorn Official Website

#7 Pac-Man ROM


You would have heard the name of the famous game PAC-MAN. This ROM is also the same with its own tweaks. It gives his own customization, you don’t need to download any third party software for customizing this ROM which is easy a lot. This ROM is used by many peoples around the world and available for almost all Android devices.

Pac-Man ROM Official Website

#8 LineAge OS

Best Android Custom Rom

LineAge OS is the best android custom ROM. The name of the official Cyanogen Mod is changed and it is having the same features of Cyanogen Mod but it is having some other better settings. The Cyanogen MOD source codes are avialble for free for everyone. The LineAge OS is the ROM which will collect all the source codes and create his own operating system by changing the name and settings.

This ROM is available for many android devices such as OnePlus One, Redmi Note 3 and Nexus 5. The unofficial version is available for now.

LineAge OS Download

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#9 Resurrection Remix

Best Android Custom Rom

When it comes to the stability then the Resurrection Remix is the best android custom ROM. The Resurrection Remix is the remix of all the android version. It is having the Theme engine of Cyanogen Mod, stability of Dirty unicorn and many other things.

The Resurrection Remix is the best ROM and it is not available for many phone and it is just available for nexus devices most of the times. The Pitch Black theme is pre-installed in the phone. This is the best theme if you are good in customizing your phone.

Resurrection Remix

#10 Cataclysm

Best Android Custom Rom

Cataclysm is the another best ROM when it comes to the customization. This ROM is having the feature in which you can change the battery notification and you can also change the color and combination. This ROM is available for almost every android device. It is available for android version 6.0.1 and it is working fine in most of the Android device. The best part about this ROM is that it is supported by Multi-ROM and you can boot multiple operating system using this ROM.

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