How To Bypass Blocked Websites in School And College Without Any Software

In my college I can’t surf website such as YouTube, Facebook, or my Own blog too. I never use Facebook or YouTube in my college lab just because I am least interested in social networking websites. The website such as Facebook, YouTube are blocked in the computer labs. We often search on google that how can we access to those website without id and password. In our college there is security of Cyberoam whenever we try to visit there we get an error saying that you have to enter id and password previously we have shared WhatsApp BOT Duta Which Gives News, Updates, and Help us For Free

To access this sites you really don’t need any software or any deep knowledge to access these websites the things which you need is a computer where the site is blocked and the working internet connection. If you are newbie in this it is gonna be really very interested and you would be the only in your classmates to access this website in your college or school computers. I tried this trick several times in many blocked site, then I thought why don’t I should share with you. To access to the blocked website you need a proxy site. Must check How To Make Money From Facebook

What Is Proxy Site?

You would have heard about proxy site if you are newbie so let me explain you what actually the proxy site is and how it works. Basically our colleges and schools blocked this kind of website so that we don’t surf social networking site so they blocks by browsers or we can say that that are the firewalls and to access those blocked website we use proxy site which are not blocked and we can easily access those blocked websites and we can surf on these website by entering the URL of the website which you have to surf. So these proxy site doesn’t looks at your computer which firewall you are using or which type of blockage is used. You may also like How To Hide Important Files And Folder In Android Without Any Application

Just assume that proxy sites are the computers which are not having any blocked website or any issues. You can surf internet on it and without any blocking issues and all so this is what proxy sites means.

How To Bypass To Blocked Websites in School And College Without Any Software

  • Open the Proxy site from here – Proxy Sites or Filter By Pass
  • Open this website and enter the URL in which you have to visit
  • Now untick Remove Objects, Remove Scripts and Allow Scripts


  • Enter the website which you have to visit and now press Go

You might be the first in your class room to access these website in your college computer make sure you start incognito mode by clicking on CTRL+SHIFT+N

Now you have successfully unblocked the website and you have got the amazing learning experience to unblock these website for more cool stuffs and tricks keep visiting us at XtremeTricks.Net Thank You for visiting us.

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  1. the document was helping.i managed to bypass the blocked websites in my school within seconds.But then with psiphon application it also managed

  2. Traveling in china and can’t access youtube! It’s so frustrating. Thanks to arcvpn for bypassing the blocks for me 🙂


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