Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 8.00 For Android 2019

WhatsApp is the trending application which is been used by billions of people around the world. If we are using WhatsApp many of time and we see the same green user interface all the time. Today we are coming with a new article about the way to download and install WhatsApp Plus Latest Version of Android. WhatsApp Plus is the same as WhatsApp but it is having some advance and new features implemented in the application.

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WhatsApp Plus is same as WhatsApp but it is having some advance and new features implemented in the application. WhatsApp Plus was developed by Ralfanse and in the year 2012. In the year 2014 WhatsApp started banning peoples who were using WhatsApp Plus for 24 hours and they can’t use WhatsApp anymore.

This development which was stopped in the year 2014 it was further carried by GBWhatsApp owner. This application is having the same features of WhatsApp Plus but this application is having some of the advanced features which are now implemented in the application.

Download WhatsApp Plus

About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is now developed by Atnfas Hoak. This development is carried by the developer of GBWhatsApp and this application is frequently updated and it is coming with new features every month and this is the best part of this app.

The developer of WhatsApp Plus kept many things in mind such as you won’t be banned for using this application. There was an SMS verification error in the old WhatsApp plus but this feature is now working in the new latest WhatsApp. You don’t need to uninstall the official WhatsApp application if you want to keep running this WhatsApp Plus.

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Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Android 2019

We are going to provide you some of the links. You can download the application from those link. There are tons of hidden features which you can enable with the help of that application. You can also enable the all-new chat pinned feature with the help of GBWhatsApp.

This application is always updated and personally, I have been using this application for around 3 months and it is working absolutely fine so you don’t need to worry about anything while using this application on your device.

If you find any bugs or issues while using this application you may feel free to comment and I will surely help you out to resolve these bugs or issues which you will find in this application.


WhatsApp Plus is having a lot of great and exciting features in which you can hide the last seen of yours and also do a lot of other changes. There are various themes which you can install on your WhatsApp and share it with your friends. If you are good at customization then you can send your themes to the developer and your theme will be available for all the users.

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There are many other features which are hidden in the WhatsApp and with the help of the all new WhatsApp Plus you can access those features on your device. There are applications available if you want to enable those hidden settings such as WA Tweaker. This application helps you to enable all the settings on your device. Let’s have a quick look at more features of the WhatsApp Plus.

  • Privacy Options: There is privacy option in the WhatsApp Plus which will help you to freeze the last seen of your WhatsApp. Whenever you will come online on WhatsApp your friends will see old last seen. You can also hide the blue ticks of your WhatsApp and also hide the typing status and also second tick so that you will be completely anonymous.
  • Group Invite Link: Group Invite link was the feature which was released by the WhatsApp recently but it was having some of the issues in the application. This feature was not working in some of the WhatsApp application. If you will try installing this application you will be able to use this application without any issues.
  • Block Audio and Video Calls: If you are having the original WhatsApp application there are chances that you might be getting spammy calls. Well! if you are having the all new WhatsApp Plus then you don’t need to worry just because it is having the feature in which you can block the audio and as well as video calls.
  • Stay Online Forever: If you want to stay online on WhatsApp forever then you can also do so and brag in front of your friends. You can say them about this feature in which you can stay online forever.
  • Themes and Customization: There is a feature in the WhatsApp Plus in which if you are bored with the green WhatsApp. You can change the color of the WhatsApp to whatever you need. After creating the theme you can also send those themes XML files to your friends.
  • Send Any Format Files: If you will see the WhatsApp application then you can send the DOC, PDF, PPTX and XLS. The new WhatsApp Plus is having the WhatsApp Plus is having the feature which will help you to send the files in any format and you can also send the zip files and txt files too. This is the most waited feature of the WhatsApp.
  • Change Launcher Icons: There are chances that you might be confused with the GBWhatsApp application just because of the same icons. You can change the launcher icons and as well as the notifications icons.
  • In-Build Lock: There are many applications which require a locker such as App locker. If your friends will force stop the locker application then that application won’t be working. WhatsApp Plus is having the feature in which users can easily lock their WhatsApp without using the third party applications.
  • Conversion Text Styles: Change the conversion text styles to whatever style you love and you can make your WhatsApp look like the Hangouts or Facebook Messenger.

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  • Status Copy to Clipboard: Sometimes when you see your friends status you like to copy it and use it as your own status. You don’t need to write the full status and update it. You can click on your friends status and it will be copied and you can update that status.
  • Status Limit Increased: You might have seen that WhatsApp Status are only 139 characters. In the all new WhatsApp Plus, it is having the feature in which you can update 255 characters status without any limit. This will be server side means they will be able to see your 255 characters statuses. Let them think about the trick of how you did it. :p
  • Send High-Quality Images and Videos: There is a configuration button which helps you to configure the videos and audios while sending it your friends. We have seen in the official WhatsApp the quality of the videos are degraded and you won’t be able to control the quality. If you are using the WhatsApp Plus you can change the quality according to your choice.
  • Logs: This is the best feature of the WhatsApp Plus. In this log, you will be able to see the users who are online and who went offline at what time. If you are loading this mod then the first time it will take some time so you need to wait for some time if you want this application running. If you are offline then too you can keep a track on all your WhatsApp contacts and this feature works in the background.
  • Complete Backup Feature: The complete backup features allows you to take the complete backup of the application. If you will re-install the application after uninstalling the application you will don’t need to do all the registration process again. You need to click on the Restore button and your contacts, chats and without mobile number registration you can run this application on your device.
  • SMS Verification Working Fixed: We have seen many of times mods in which the SMS verification is not working fine. If you will try to use the all new WhatsApp Plus then you will be able to use the SMS verification. You don’t need to worry of uninstalling the official WhatsApp.
  • Add 600 Members in Broadcast List: You might be running any business on WhatsApp so the new WhatsApp Plus allows the users to 600 members on WhatsApp instead of 200 members. This how you will be able to send messages to all your friends.
  • No Ban Issues: This application is having many features and they are trusting this application for a long time now. You won’t be ban for using the WhatsApp Plus on your device. You don’t need to worry about anything if you are using WhatsApp Plus now.
  • Hide Date and Time While Copying: There is a new feature in the all new WhatsApp Plus which allows you to copy the text without copying date and time.
  • Hide Notification of Messages: You can hide the notifications of your messages with the help of the WhatsApp Plus. We often give our phone to many peoples so if you will get any messages your friends won’t be able to see that message which is amazing. You can also select which notification you want to hide. It can be Group messages or Text Messages.
  • Much more…

If you will use this application then you will come to know many other features which are just amazing. If you love this application and if we are missing some feature please let us know. Shoot a comment below in the comment section.

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How to Check Your Phone Architecture?

If you have GBWhatsApp then you might have seen that you have one app and you can install that app in any phone but now GBWhatsApp is available for the different architecture.

Now, if you want to install GBWhatsApp then you need to first check the architecture of your phone and if your phone is of that particular architecture that you can install the app on your phone.

If you want to know more about Android phone architecture then you can read this article.

If applications are developed for specific devices then it helps you to save memory for your device and it is pretty useful if your phone is having less storage.

  • Download Droid Info application from Play Store | APK Mirror
  • Install the application on your phone
  • Open the application and click on system

  • There you will see an option on Instruction Sets and there is where you will find the architecture of your phone.
  • Now, you know the architecture of your phone and you can download GBWhatsApp from the given below link.

There are 4 types of architecture. You can check out below.

  1. ARM: ARMv7 or armeabi
  2. ARM64: AArch64 or arm64
  3. x86: x86 or x86abi
  4. x86_x64: x86 64 arch bit

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 8.00 For Android 2019

  • Download and Install WhatsApp Plus application from here: Download

Version Info

Software Name WhatsApp Plus
Last Updated September 14, 2019
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 5,000,000+
App Size 36.4 MB
Developer Atnfas Hoak
Main Task All Whatsapp features with Some Hidden Features
Package Name com.WhatsApp


  • Click on the Download button and Download the application and then wait for it.
  • Open your official WhatsApp and then Goto Settings > Chats > Chats Backup. Then simply click on the backup button.
  • The backup process will be started so you need to wait for some time.

Download WhatsApp Plus

  • You can Uninstall the application and make sure you don’t have the cleaner application on your device.

Download WhatsApp Plus

  • Install WhatsApp Plus on your device and you might see an Installation blocked warning on your device, just Click on Settings.

Download WhatsApp Plus

  • Now, scroll down and turn on Unknown Source Warning and try installing the application again on your device.

Download WhatsApp Plus

  • Install the application again on your device and you will see that application is installed on your device.

Download WhatsApp Plus

  • Open the application and enter your phone number and click OK.

Download WhatsApp Plus


  • Now, you will find get the verification code and enter your name.

Download WhatsApp Plus


  • After entering your name Restore the Backup which you have created.
  • Simply, wait for it and the initialization process will be started. You need to wait.

Download WhatsApp Plus

  • That’s it and you have successfully installed the WhatsApp application on your device.

Download WhatsApp Plus


  • Anti-Ban
  • Fixed Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen
  • Fixed Payments Color in Attach Menu
  • Other Fixes


Download WhatsApp Plus

Final Verdict:

You can download the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus on your device without any issues you can run this application and there are no issues of a ban if you want to use this application on your device.

This was the article about the way you can download WhatsApp Plus latest version APK on your Android device. I hope you love this article.

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Share this article with your friends and do let them know about this amazing application and I hope they will love it and love to install it on their device.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. Peace out.


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