What is Li-Fi? How does Li-Fi work? Explained!

The Internet is the thing which we use daily. We can’t think life without the internet, and everyone around the world is using the internet. If you picked a random kid of 8 years, he would be knowing about the internet or what is Wi-Fi is and how to use it, just because of the advanced world we are living in. We love to explore new things. The new concept which was recently introduced and that is Li-Fi. Let’s see What is Li-Fi?

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We all know about Wi-Fi, and we have a router at home which allows us to use the internet in our free time or at work. Now, the router transmits the wireless signals which help the users to enjoy the Internet. This is limited and it provided by your internet service provider (ISP). It means there is a speed capping, but in the Li-Fi this is a different concept.

what is Li-Fi

What is Li-Fi?

The term Li-Fi was coined by pureLiFi’s CSO, Professor Harald Haas. The acronym of the Li-Fi is Light Fidelity. This technology is light based. If you are sitting at your home and there will be LED on you, and it will help you to surf the internet. This is same as Wi-Fi, but this is the new concept in which engineers are still working on it.

what is Li-Fi

This is a concept allows us to surf the internet and in a limited range. If you are sitting at your home and there will be LED light above you, and you can set up at LED light wherever you want, and you can use the internet in that specific area only.

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There will be an Access point in some areas which will help those LED light. There was a speed test done some months back between the Li-Fi and the Wi-Fi, and it was faster than Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi is the visible light portion which helps you to surf the internet at high speed at the limited portion.You might be having the question about the Li-Fi so let’s see it.


  • The speed of the Li-Fi is tested, and it was 100 Gbps.
  • The security of Li-Fi is good, and there are very fewer chances of getting hacked. Just because the connection will be at your house of office other won’t be able to search your Li-Fi name.
  • Li-Fi allows you to surf the internet at the particular point this makes the internet fast. Wi-Fi router signals are spread this is the reason why it is slow. The data density is increased in Li-Fi.
  • There is no issue of radiation in Li-Fi
  • You can use Li-Fi in underwater.
  • You can use the Li-Fi in hospitals and also at places such as petrol pump.

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  • Li-Fi is not 100% faster than Wi-Fi.
  • Big movies and files will be downloaded in 5 seconds. This is not true just because this speed depends on your ISP provider. Speed also depends on the Web server just because some web servers are too slow.


Q.1) This concept is based on LED light if I will move from one room to another will my connection terminated?

Ans) No, The Li-Fi technology allows us to roam free at our home and office, and it won’t disconnect your internet connection. There will be LED installed in all over your home, so you don’t need to worry about connection terminated problems.

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Q.2) How many Users can be connected to Li-Fi?

Ans) If your friend has a Li-Fi connection, then you can go at his home, and you can connect your mobile, and you can enjoy the high-speed internet without any issues. You can connect multiple devices to Li-Fi

Q.3) How much Li-Fi costs?

Ans) The cost of the Li-Fi is very nominal, and you don’t need to pay too much for the Li-Fi. The end of the Li-Fi is that it is connected to every computer and mobile devices.

Q.4) LiFi will work in the bright room with sunlight?

Ans) Yes, Li-Fi will work fine is the bright light without issues.

Q.5) Li-Fi will work if I turn off the light?

Ans) Li-Fi is all about the light and if you will shut down the light that means no internet and you won’t be able to use it.


what is Li-Fi

Final Verdict:

These are some benefits of Li-Fi. This was the article about What is Li-Fi? How does Li-Fi work? I hope you love this article.

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