5 Cool Hidden Games in Google Search You Must Play

Google is been the best search engine in all this years. The best thing about google is it keeps on coming with new features. You might be knowing some of the tricks of Google but this is something else you can play games with the help of this guide. Today I am going to tell you Hidden Games in Google.

Today, I will list some hidden games which you can play from mobile too. Most of the times can be played when we are bored. Games are only thing which helps us enjoy in our free time.

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Google always keeps on upgrading by giving us proper search results and sometimes giving us what we love the most. Most of the times people search for the games on play store. But you can enjoy any game sitting at your home without installing any application.

You can enjoy the games easily by using some of the keyword I have listed below and this will help you out if you want to play any game.

Sometimes what happens is you sit at your home and there is no one to play games. Sometimes you are in your college or in your office and you don’t have any games in your computer or else games sites are blocked. then you can play this hidden games while using your low internal memory of your computer.

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This games is actually dependent on your moods. If you are good in playing solitaire, then you can enjoy playing solitaire, chess, and even tictactoe which is amazing. Let’s see how you can play these games.

Hidden Games in Google Search

5 Cool Hidden Games in Google Search

I have mention below some of the best hidden games. Just checkout the keyword and given URL and do a simple keyword research.

#1 Tic-tac-toe

This is been one of the favourite game of all the time. People usually play this game when we don’t have anything to do while sitting at our home. When we were kid we might have played this game with our friends. Which is just easy as it seems and fast. The best part of this game is that you can just search this game on Google and done. You can play it offline. There are difficulties in the game and you can change it according to you.

Hidden Games in Google Search

#2 Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is the another game which we usually play in our Android device or other mobile phone. These games are really good to play and it is one of the great timepass. If you want to enjoy playing game then this is the best part. You won’t be able to play this game online on your mobile device But you can enjoy this game in your computer device when you are sitting at home. This is one of my favourite game which I love to play a lot. This game will be played in images.

Hidden Games in Google Search

#3 Solitaire

Solitaire is the oldest game and you might be playing in your Windows 7 and windows xp. Which is one of the famous game. If you want to enjoy that game then you can do so easily. Just put a keyword and you can play the game in your computer device while surfing on the internet. Solitaire has been one of the game which is been one of the famous game.

Hidden Games in Google Search

#4 Pac-Man

Pac-Man was launched by one of the Chinese person. That game is been famous from a long time and many peoples are playing that game. Many of the films were launched in which pac-man game is played. This shows how addicted this game is and you can play this game in your device. This also works in mobile devices and computers too. I hope you will enjoy this game.

Hidden Games in Google Search

#5 Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the game in which there you will see many “O” character. Then you can click on that “O” and you can kill it and with the help of that you can get the high score of the game. One by one all the lines will be deleted and then done. You need to act fast to play the game. This way you can play this game. As quick you be and you can get high score.

Hidden Games in Google Search

Note: You will be able to play this game only if you click on the link given after “#”. There is a different simple URL given.

Final verdict:

This way you can play 5 Cool Hidden Games in Google Search. I hope you love this article. This games will be played only if you visit the link from this post.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

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