What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet?

Internet is divided into 3 parts that is Surface web, Deep web, and Dark Web. But what are these things. What are these parts of internet? what does that means? In today’s article I am going to tell you and clear your doubts about What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet?

We daily use internet in our life but we don’t know, what is internet and from where internet came and many things we don’t know in our life. We just think that internet is something which is available in your home and let’s use it.

You should always keep knowing the secret behind this amazing stuffs. You should know about this because this will increase your knowledge.

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I am an IT student. I really love to learn something from peoples the way that things work. I am least interested in programming but I want to know what going on around the world. This is the reason. If I get to know anything any secret or tricks then I share that tutorials with you viewers.

Now, peoples think that internet is big thing. Yes, it is big but you don’t know how much big it is and you cannot even imagine how big it is because it is something you have never imagined.

I was also not knowing about this recently I learned about this from YouTube. I tried to dig more information and I really found something really very amazing things. Let’s get started with what is internet.

What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet?

#1 Surface Web

Everything which you are using now in internet is called as surface web. You are visiting my blog it is surface web. You watch YouTube everything is surface web.

You find everything on Google, Bing Search, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo search and etc. This all things comes in Surface web.

Everything which you can find and search on Google is known as surface web. Actually this internet is only 4%. This is you and you are just using 4% of internet daily.

Now, you might be thinking about just 4%? Where is other part of internet. But remaining is about Deep web.

Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet

#2 Deep Web

Deep web is another part of the internet. Which is not indexed by Google. It means you cannot search for this information in Google. Not just only in google but in any search engine.

These are Google Drive storage in which you store your data. Then any online cloud storage. In which you store your important data. All these things are not shared on Search engine.

If you have save a file in your online storage that is about Pokemon Go Bot. Now, if you want to search for that link. You won’t found that link. Because it is your private information. Everyone is having a online storage and save something in your cloud. That can be anything such as your family images, video and all your personal details.

It is said that 96% of internet is been used in Deep web. This is the reason behind the deep web is too vast thing. I think many people don’t know about this information.

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In deep web there is important security information of FBI, Police, Criminals they are stored in their database.

Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet

#3 Dark Web

Dark web. This is something really dangerous. In the dark web there is trading going on of Guns, Ammo’s, Drugs, Porns and many more illegal stuffs. Which is really bad and you should not visit this site.

Visiting Dark web is completely illegal and you will end up going to jail if you are going to visit in dark web from your normal browser.

Dark web is also not indexed on Google and for that you need a special URL which is been needed if you want to visit Dark web.

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There is a browser which is called as TOR Browser. It is also called as The Onion Router. In which you can access Dark web. I won’t be telling you about what ways you can access to dark web and all. Just because it is completely illegal.

Make sure you don’t visit dark web in your life. Just because it is too violent and One should not visit in your life.

Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet

Wrapping up.

This was all about What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet? I hope you like this article.

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    • Porns are legal! If you have license of running a porn site.

      Porns sites are surface web because they are indexed in Google.

      Porn site database such as the data whrre it is saved is deep web

      Illegal porns which can’t be watched. Some porns which messes with our mind is Dark Web


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