How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message on Android [No Root]

Yes, I know why you’re here.

Isn’t it annoying when your friends delete a WhatsApp message?

Then you have to ask him again and again, what message did they delete.


Today, I am going to tell you about an application which will help you to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

You might be wondering,

Hey Xaif, is that even possible to do?

Yes, it is possible.

If you download a third party application on your phone, you will be able to read those deleted messages.

There are two methods to do that.

One of the best things is that both the app doesn’t require a rooted phone.

That means you don’t need to void your warranty if you’re going to try this app on your phone.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

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WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature

I wanted this feature so badly that I can’t describe in words.

What makes me say that?

Well! I was in a big mess, and I was about to get rusticated from my college.

Do you want to know my story?

Okay! Let me tell you what happened.

When I was in college, and I said “enjoy mother fu**ers” to everyone in our college official WhatsApp group.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (1)

I thought the discussion was going on in our Unofficial WhatsApp group.

After that, the teacher called me to college after exams.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (15)

At that time I missed delete for everyone feature, but it was not available on WhatsApp.

When this feature came to WhatsApp, it was the best day of my life.

I missed this feature when I was in college.

Now, when this feature is available no one likes it.


When your friend uses this feature, you don’t like it because the message gets deleted from your side as well.

When you see a deleted message,  you’re curious, and you want to know what was in that deleted message.

That is normal, and a typical human behaviour and you’re not alone because there are a lot of people out there who wants to know.

Especially my office colleagues.

WhatsApp knew that it was one of the most required features.

That’s the reason WhatsApp announced delete for everyone feature on iPhone and Android.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

If you want to read the deleted WhatsApp message, then you need to have an application called Notification history.

Trust me this app is fantastic and you won’t believe me when I tell you about the feature of this app.

This application helps you to track the user notification.

If your friend deletes the message from his/her end, you don’t need to worry because notification history app will log all the notification.

This application will sit in the background, logging all your notification history.

You might be thinking is this app safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe.

If you accidentally clear all the messages, you don’t need to worry. Notification history will help you to check all the removed notifications.

Notification History App

Notification history is the application which is available on Play Store.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

When you see an app on Play Store that means this app is safe.

Let me be frank here.

The user interface of this application is not that good.

You have to turn on some settings to make this application work on your phone.

I tried this application in Android Pie, and it is working flawlessly without any issues.

If this app is working in Android 9 pie, then it will work on other phones as well.

But like I said before there are some issues with this application.

The logs of the messages also look a bit messy, and you have to clear the app data every time.

When I was testing this app, I saw one thing.

You have to clear the logs every time otherwise this app runs slow.

If you have a good phone like OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 6T, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

I know clearing logs everytime is difficult, and that is the reason there are other apps available.

There are other mods of WhatsApp which allows the users to see deleted WhatsApp messages and the name of the app is YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, and GBWhatsApp.

Now, there are chances you might have never heard about these applications.

Let me tell you something about these apps.

These apps are WhatsApp Mods.

What does that mean?

Let me explain to you what is WhatsApp Mod.

WhatsApp Mods

Some people reverse engineer WhatsApp.

Once, I wrote an article on how you can change the language of WhatsApp.

They change and add new features in WhatsApp.

When a developers reverse engineer WhatsApp, they change the name of the app, and they append their name in WhatsApp.

They name their WhatsApp as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

There are a lot of WhatsApp mods available out there which helps you to add new features to your WhatsApp.

If you want to install this mod on your phone, then you need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp.

There are mods like YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp which helps the users to change the theme of WhatsApp.

If you’re using the mod of WhatsApp then in this mod there is a feature where you can see the deleted message of WhatsApp.

I’ve been using this application from a very long time, and I have never faced any issues with this app.

There is a feature in the application which also allows the Indian users to disable the WhatsApp forward limit.

I am not going to tell you more about this application.

I will show you how you can install these apps on your phone.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message in Any WhatsApp Mod?

As I said earlier if you’re using a mod of WhatsApp then you need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp.

Whenever your friend deletes a WhatsApp message, you will see a sign or a notification that sender deleted the following message.

You don’t have to worry.


You will also be able to see the message from your end.

Check out the below image, and this is how it looks in any WhatsApp Mod.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

All these mods of WhatsApp have different settings. I will share the feature of GBWhatsApp.

I am sharing a method of GBWhatsApp because everyone widely uses this app on their phone.

This app is safe, and it has a lot of great features which you can enjoy on your phone.

When you’re using this application, you don’t need root access. You can install this app, and you’re good to go.

There are other features available in GBWhatsApp which will help you a lot in freezing last seen, hiding second and blue ticks and much more.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message on Android

The method which I am going to tell you is using the app called as Notification History.

If you want to try this app using a WhatsApp mod, then you can scroll down to check it out.

Notification History app logs all the notification you get on your phone.

Whenever you receive any WhatsApp notification, it will log the details, even if your friend deletes the message.

I love one thing about this application.

Even if you don’t open this app, it will run in the background and fetch all notification history.


  • Latest Version of WhatsApp
  • Notification History App
  • Android phone

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message on Android (Method 1)

  • Download Notification History app for your phone from Play Store
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (6)
  • Open the application on your phone, and it will ask you to enable system settings. Just click on it.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (7)
  • Click on the accessibility service and enable notification history app.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (9)
  • You will see a list of apps installed on your phone which requires accessibility service.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (9)
  • Enable service of Notification history
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (10)
  • Then you need to give Notification Access to Notification History app. You need to click on it.
Enable service of Notification history
  • Then you need to enable the Notification History app for notification access.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (12)
  • Hit the back button, and you will see a welcome message from the notification history app. Just click on ok, and you’re good to go.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (12)
  • Sit back and wait for your friend to delete WhatsApp message and you will get notified about the same.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (2)
  • Now, whenever they remove the message, you don’t need to ask him/her what did they delete you need to open notification history app, and you’re good to go.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message (5)

Notification history app will log all the details.

When you want to check the deleted message you need to open the notification history app search your friends’ name.

If you have accidentally cleared the notification, you can check it with the help of this app and get the history of notifications.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message on Android (Method 2)

  • Download GBWhatsApp on your phone from here: Download GBWhatsApp
  • Install the application, and you might get unknown source warning
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • Click on settings and scroll down to enable the unknown source.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • Hit back button and try installing the application again on your phone
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • Open the app, and it will ask you to agree and continue to the privacy policy of WhatsApp.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • Add your phone number and register with WhatsApp.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • Do the normal registration process.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • Then click on the menu button and then there you will see privacy click on it.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • There, at last, you will see an option to Enable Anti-Revoke.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message
  • That’s it, and now whenever your friend deletes a message, you will come to know. You will get a notification.
Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

GBWhatsApp is the modded version of WhatsApp which you can use on your phone.

If you don’t want to install a second application which is logging all the notification, you can install GBWhatsApp.

In GBWhatsApp you don’t need to open a third party app and search for the notification.

GBWhatsApp is the mod of WhatsApp which helps you to do a lot of things like freezing last seen, hiding second and blue ticks on WhatsApp with ease.

Read Deleted Message on iPhone?

I tried looking for some apps which allows you to read deleted message of WhatsApp, but I couldn’t find any app.

You don’t need to be sad.

I will do my research for some useful apps which allows you to read deleted message of WhatsApp.

There are some methods which allow you to jailbreak your phone.

I don’t want to suggest an app which voids the warranty of your phone.


Yes, now you know how you can easily read the deleted message of your WhatsApp.

Now, you don’t need to worry about the deleted WhatsApp message.

Notification History is the free application which will assist all the users to view the deleted message.

GBWhatsApp is the mod of WhatsApp which you won’t find on Play Store; you need to install this app externally.

If you’re using GBWhatsApp, Whenever you delete the message you will get a notification saying this person has removed WhatsApp message from their end.

When you open GBWhatsApp, you will see the message in the chat screen itself.

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and let them know about this nifty trick.

If you face any issues in following this article, please do leave a comment below and I will surely help you out.

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