How to Catch Pokemon Using Pokemon Go BOT Simulator [Updated]

Pokemon Go is been used by many peoples and millions of users are trying to hack the application. But when someone tries to hack using mock locations then at that time you need to play the game all the time. Instead of that you can try playing Pokemon Go BOT.

Pokemon Go took 20 years to built it and then it hardly took 20 days to find the hack of the application. This is the reason many peoples nowadays finding the patch of the application

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Android is the platform where you can find any patch of this application. There are number of peoples around the world. They are trying to create the patch and bot of this application.

Please Note That This Trick is For Educational Purpose Only.

What Does Bot Means?

Bot is a program or we can say a application which tries combination of password or anything.

Example: If you are having a user id and password of someone. But you are not sure this is the same password. Then you can use bot to unlock the account.

Same way you can use bot with the Pokemon Go account in which it will automatically find, catch, evolve and transfer the pokemon. You don’t need root or anything in this application.

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This is what bot does while catching any pokemon in your device.

How to Catch Pokemon Using Pokemon Go BOT Simulator.

This application is known as Go Simulator in which you don’t need to do anything. You just have to sign in with Pokemon Go Google account.

After signing in this application will do all the settings in your device. This way you can easily patch the Pokemon Go application.

In this BOT or we can say simulator this application will try to catch pokemon and also pokeballs easily. This is a complete application in which you don’t need to do anything just switch on the internet, start the bot and done.

You will find many posts related articles about many fake application hacks none of them are working and some of them are having flashy contents which will not allow you to download the application.

Pokemon GO Bot

In this bot you can choose a location and it will search for pokestops, collect all the Pokemons and then it will also search for many pokemons and catch it. You don’t need to worry about anything in this bot.

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I have seen many bots but never seen any bot like this one. Just because it finds locations too automatically you just switch on and then forget about this application. Because it is doing everything in background.

Let’s look at the features of the application which will give a little idea. What is the application about and pro’s and cons.


  • Searches for the pokemons automatically.
  • It automatically un ban your account if found soft ban.
  • Hatches eggs automatically you don’t need to go anywhere.
  • Works in every Android version above 4.1x.
  • You can change the speed of finding the Pokemon. Choose Slow to avoid soft bans.
  • Transfers pokemon below 200 C.P if you want to change you can do changes.
  • How much C.P Pokemon Do you want the bot to feed him raspberry.
  • Evolves pokemon automatically if above user defined C.P.
  • If you bag is full it will automatically clean your potions and revives.
  • No Root Required.


  • No need to go anywhere
  • Doesn’t consumes more battery.
  • No root required.


  • Sometimes application shows wrong credentials (Check below to solve issues)
  • Remove 2 steps verification to use this bot in your device.
  • Some risk of Permanent Ban.


How to Catch Pokemon Using Pokemon Go BOT Simulator.

  • Firstly download all the files given above and install it in your device.
  • Open the Pokemons Go bot Simulator and click on menu button in top right corner.

Pokemon GO Bot

  • Click on Login info and enter your email id and password. (At Your Risk)

Pokemon GO Bot

  • Turn on the beta testing of the application.
  • Now click back button once and click on Bot settings. Change the settings according to your choice.

Pokemon GO Bot

  • In predefined routes change the location anything which ever you like it. Do all the settings and done.

Pokemon GO Bot

  • Now, click back button and then you are done.
  • Now, come to main screen and click on start button and it will automatically do everything. Sit back and relax.

Pokemon GO Bot

  • If it shows Wrong Credentials then clear the application data and try again.

Video Tutorial:

Wrapping up

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      • Xaif, that’s the way to have the bot just waltz around and it’ll walk through buildings.

        What Jom and I have been trying to find out is how to actually build a custom route of our own. For example, the New York route sends you around the lake hitting certain Pokestops and specific streets in an exact order.

        Xaif if you know how to create a route customer to one’s local area, please let us know. I would like to be able to have it automatically walk through the downtown district 20 minutes from my house after I walk it once or twice so that I can save that walk I do into a loop and make it into a route for the Go Simulator to follow. No preditermined ones nor just having it walk through a building and random backyards

  1. Hi bro, why it always say failed to catch pokemon? but in the first time i use i got succesfully catch pokemon eevee, well that is my problem right now please help me. thanks and God Bless you more Blessings…

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  3. Bro my account will be soft ban but i got pokestop reward so why saw that while catching pokemon failed to catch. In official Pokemon go app also same problem, when i try to catch pokemon then they gone.

  4. Hello there wondering if you can help I’ve used the upto date go simulator and on both accounts when I have got to level 20 it no longer works I have tried the outdated versions and same thing . Can you point me in the right direction for another bot for Android. I’ve tried gobot but that doesn’t work . Any help would be much appreciated


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