Why Your Android Phone Isn’t Getting Latest System Update

In the year 2007 the first Android device was launched and at the same period, even iPhone launched his first mobile phone. In this years, there were many mobile phones launched on Android operating system. In the same iPhone launched his 10 to 12 mobile phones.

In this year’s Android launched many Android version it started from Android Alpha and now it is on Marshmallow and soon they are going to launch Android N.

In today’s article we are going to discuss why your device doesn’t get Android latest system updates. Android is an open source. What does this mean?

Actually, it means that you can create a mobile phone and install your Android in the mobile phone. It means anyone can use this operating system in their created mobile phone and enjoy it.

If google launches any new Android version then these new versions are just for their Nexus devices and their Android one devices only.

In which they have promised that this user will get regular updates every time. As you all know that there are some Nexus devices and checking their hardware requirements they launched the new update on other devices.

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Android Phone Isn't Getting Latest System Update

If we will look at other mobile phones what happens is that when you buy other mobile phones such as Xiaomi, Coolpad, Samsung, and other operating systems. You get a completely different look.

These companies take the Stock ROM of Nexus devices. They start doing porting that these ROM will work on their mobile phones.

Stock ROM is something when you buy any smartphone and the operating system which is preinstalled on your device is called stock ROM.

Now, what does this big company like Samsung, Xiaomi, Coolpad and etc they start doing porting and they applying skin in their devices.

They apply those skin just because it looks like company another mobile phone. Now if they will apply skin so there will be some functions that will be added in their ROM.

After doing all these things takes about months and it is really a tough job to do all porting. Also, check out  Install One App Twice On Android Without Root which is explained in simple steps.

Android Phone Isn't Getting Latest System Update

For a single mobile phone it takes about 2 to 3 months and now if you are thinking that why does your device doesn’t get updates this is just because there is a lot of skin installation and extra function are been added.

Now if you will look at Samsung they have to port this ROM to many mobile phones such as their note series, J series, and all other series about hundred of other mobile phones to which they have to give the updates.

Which is really a tough work for Samsung to do. They start doing this work when the official ROM of a mobile phone is launched and it takes 2 to 3 months to do all porting and all so in this period they work and give their updates to the flagship mobile phones.

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What is Flagship Mobile Phone?

Flagship mobile phones are something which is companies best mobile phone. Let’s take an example of Samsung.

In today’s time flagship, the mobile phone is Samsung galaxy s7. Which is having pretty advance and good features and everyone likes these phones are of price range above 50,000 Rs sometimes.

Because companies try to make their mobile best among all other mobile phones. This advanced phones having good hardware and other function which is good and best.

Samsung’s best smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S7, Same of Coolpad is Coolpad Note 3, Xiaomi is having mi5. They try their best to upgrade these smartphones and give them early updates.

How To Check Is My Phone Update Available Or Not?

Sometimes what happens when you root your mobile phone. You don’t get the updates in your smartphone.

It’s better to unroot it or you can simply flash the custom ROM on your device. Flashing this custom ROM is easy and in our next article, I will be telling you how can you flash a custom ROM on your android device.

So that when you will flash a custom Rom on your device so you will be able to use the newest feature of the mobile phone.

These custom roms are available for those mobile phones which are having great support and you can easily search for your mobile phones from on google by searching about “How to flash the custom ROM in Nexus 5” You can type your device model and search for it.

This is how you can search for the latest update for your smartphone.


Everything Takes the time so you need to do is wait in our next article.

I will show you how can you flash the custom ROM on your android device safely. Because doing anything safely is something which is too important.

I hope you like this article about Why Your Android Device Isn’t Getting Latest Updates.

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      • There is one trick is available male try 😉

        Firstly check whether your device is having MTK processor , if yes then you can make a try. ( to check mtk processor – install CPU Z1 App from play store and after opening if you can see the Meditack symbol then you have mtk processor available in your device. )

        Note : – This Trick is working in some devices which having mediateck processor ( Confirmed in REDMI 1S )

        Now Download and install one more app which is named ” MTK Engineer Mode ” Then open the apk. then 2 Options Menus will displayed tap on first menu named as “Android Setting” then find Preferred Network tap on that dropdown menu & choose GSM/CDMA/LTE/Automode and you are done.

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