How to Do Quick Reply to Any Text Message and On WhatsApp

You might be getting many messages at a time on WhatsApp. You can’t do Quick Reply to Any Text Message on WhatsApp. This is there reason I am coming up with an review of an application called as Fluenty. There’s been a lot of application which is supported by this application.

You can do Quick reply to messages of hangouts, Messages and many other places this application will work. There is about number of settings which you can try in this application which is really easy.

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While using WhatsApp or any other applications we are busy but replying that contact is also very important in that place you can easily reply those messages. Those are short message which is really useful.

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How to Do Quick Reply to Any Text Message and On WhatsApp

The feature of this Fluenty application is really quite good and I have heard many good reviews from the users. They loved this application and there are good reviews available. There is a good support if you have any issues you can easily contact them on email or give a review on play store.

This application most of time recognize english messages in which if a sender is sending you how are you? Then there will be a bot / quick reply text in which there will be option of I am fine. This makes this application smart and you really don’t need to write anything.

Quick Reply to Any Text Message

You can do a reply to a specific message without opening WhatsApp, hangouts and other applications which is really a good feature of this application. In future many other applications will be supported.

There are some applications which are only supported in Android Lollipop such as WhatsApp, Kakao talk. This is just because of new features which is implemented in Lollipop. SMS is available for all Android device.

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Sometimes there are some glitches in the application and bugs in which notification doesn’t gets removed or else we can’t reply to some specific messages. But the application is still in development stage so you need to wait for fix in the application.


  • Do quick reply to every messages.
  • Works in almost every Android device above 4.4x.
  • No Root needed.
  • Good support.


  • There are some glitches in the application.
  • Sometimes application is having issues in which you can’t reply to specific text.
  • You need to sign up with the application which is really of no use 🙁

How to Do Quick Reply to Any Text Message

  • Install the Fluenty application from here: Play Store.
  • Open the application and you will get the welcome text and click on Next.

Quick Reply to Any Text Message

  • If you are using 6.0x then you will get notification to allow the permission just allow it and click on start.

Quick Reply to Any Text Message

  • Now, sign up with new account or else sign in using your Google+ account.

Quick Reply to Any Text Message

  • Now, after that swipe right and you can check the messages list and you can try any message on your device.
  • Make sure to turn on notification access to get notifications.

Quick Reply to Any Text Message

  • Now, it’s all done. Now, you need to wait for some message and you can simply reply to message without opening WhatsApp.

Quick Reply to Any Text Message

Video Tutorial:

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