WhatsApp Bomber: Crash Your Friends WhatsApp Remotely By Sending Messages (New Method Added)

Hey Guys, so today we are back with the new trick in which you can crash your friends whatsapp easily. By this trick you can send extra over loaded message to your friends so that their whatsapp will crash so today we will show you how can you crash your friends whatsapp easily by this software

The thing which is good about this application is that you can easily run this software this software in non rooted device and you have to be careful while using this software or else it can crash your whatsapp too

How to use whatsapp bomber to crash your friends WhatsApp? (Working)

The below guide is not working now so we are back again with another guide in which you can spam your friends number and that too for unlimited time and this is something which you will really like it. The name of the software is Rachet’s Spam Box and it is working fine. I have tested my friends mobile phones.

In start of the tutorial your mobile won’t hang but after sometime the RAM will get  exhausted and then your phone will start getting hang. This feature is been tested in Coolpad Note 3 and Nexus 5 it is working absolutely fine without any issues.

This application works in your computer and it works with the help of web.whatsapp so you can scan the barcode and then use it with the help of that application.

  • Download SpamBox V2 from here: Download from here
  • Now, open your WhatsApp application and click on menu key and you will see an option of WhatsApp Web.
  • Now, Open this site in your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and wait for sometime: Web.WhatsApp.com
  • Open that website and you will see barcode and just scan it using your Android device.


  • Now, Open the spam bot and add the text in the bot given in the software below.
  • Just Select Interval as 1 and then select the times according to you. How many message you want to send to the victim.

WhatsApp Bomber App

  • Click on start button and just move the cursor to your friends chat and that will automatically get started after 10 seconds. 😛

WhatsApp Bomber

  • Now, just wait and watch him he will block you after getting irritated with the messages which you have send to him.

How to use whatsapp bomber to crash your friends WhatsApp? (Not Working Now)

  • Download and install the whatsapp bomber from here Download

WhatsApp Bomber

  • Open the application and there will be option like level 1

WhatsApp Bomber

  • Select level one and you will see level up to level 5

WhatsApp Bomber

  • Don’t select level 4 and 5 it will crash your whatsapp too if your mobile is high end then only select level 5 or just select till level 3
  • After selecting just select copy to clipboard it will directly send you to WhatsApp
  • Now just paste the chat and your friends whatsapp will get crash
  • After pasting the code just clear the conversation or delete that message

Stay tuned for more updates, tricks and loots 😉

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  1. Want that type of bomber for android in which have feature for crash friend’s WhatsApp with our own written messesge ( custom msg ) 500/1000 at once.

  2. i don’t think it’s working on the present whatsapp coz whatsapp would reduce it into 1 single message & add the read more link to it so please is there anyway to get around that?


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