How To Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

Overclock your Android device. As many of the users might have heard about overclocking the Android device. As many of them have not heard about this if you have not then don’t worry.

I will be sharing with you a guide in which I will be telling you what it means. How to do overclocking your device.

Many of times you have a good RAM of 3GB but sometimes your phone lacks and it becomes laggy sometimes. This is because of your processor.

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If you are buying any smartphone then we always see that how much RAM does the device has and the operating system version.

We never see beyond this just because except RAM and Android version there is something called as Processor and Cores. Which is also need to be take care of while buying any device.

Suppose if you are having Android device which is having 6 GB RAM and dual core and 1 GHz processor and it will be of no use. Just because your phone doesn’t occupies that RAM of your device.

Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

What Is Overclocking?

Overlooking is the term in which you can easily increase your phone performance by increasing your processor speed.

If you are having a processor which is of 2 GHz then you can increase the processor speed to 2.3 GHz.

There are many third party softwares which will help you to do this things in your device. If you do this properly without bricking your device then you can even downgrade your processor speed.

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You might have seen devices becoming heaters. Just because the devices doesn’t meet the proper requirement and their hardware. Then after this many device gets blast.

Overclocking Is Safe?

No! It is not safe. Why? Just because sometimes your phone will get heated and then you have to revert back to your old speed of processor.

If in normal use your device is getting heated then you can also lower the speed of your processor easily and it will help you to lower your phone’s temperature.

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If while overclocking your device. You have been greedy by saying that you will increase your speed of 2 Ghz to 2.8 Ghz or 3 Ghz then you will loose your device.

I will suggest you to increase speed to 2.2 Ghz or 2.4 Ghz. But 2.2 Ghz is best depending on your processor.

Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

There is a third party software which is paid one. You have to pay the software about 1.50$ and then you will be able to overclock your Android device.

If you don’t want to buy this software then you can simply do it with the other softwares. This is the paid one and I personally recommend you to buy this one.

This application is really having a very good support and you need a rooted device to Overclock your device. Then you can do below steps.

I am using Nexus 5 which is having 2.3 Ghz processor and I will be testing this software in my device. Let’s get started with the tutorial.


  1. Rooted Android Device: Root Your Android Mobile Easily Without PC
  2. SET CPU application: Play Store

How To Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

  • Firstly root your Android device ad install the Set CPU application in your device.
  • Now after that you have open the Set CPU application in your device and then click on Continue and Recommend.

Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

  • The application will ask you for root permission and just allow the root permission of the application and you are done.
  • Now, the application will automatically check for the speed of your device. Then you have to change the max and minimum speed of your device according to your choice.

Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

Note: Don’t click on Set to Boot till the time you don’t like your device speed or else you will brick you smart phone.

  • Now, you need to create the profiles and set the information about when you have top overclock or underclock your android device. This is very crucial and important step.

Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

  • In this profiles I am choosing Battery charging. I am overclocking my device whenever, I am Charging my device. Then it will automatically overclock whenever I will put my phone charge. Then choose the priority according to you.

Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance

Video tutorial

Wrapping up

This was the article about How To Overclock Your Android Device to Boost Performance. I hope you like this tutorial.

Share this article with your friends and overclock your device. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks Like this and I will meet you in the next one. Peace out.

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  1. Recently I rooted my device(Samsung galaxy grand i9082).can you please suggest which android version(presently working on 4.2.2 jely bean) I have to change? so that it best suits my mobile performance.


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