How To Flash Custom Recovery/Kernels Using Flashify

Hey, Fellas! Most of the times people’s feel difficulty in choosing the best recovery for their smartphone. Might you be not having the computer to flash that recovery? So in today’s trick, I am going to tell you How to Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify, to install custom recovery and custom kernels on your Android device.

If you will look around the internet you will find many recoveries for your smartphone which is working or either it would be not working or it might be too old. Which would be having some missing feature?

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So what you will do? Instead of looking around the web I will be going to tell you about an application from which you can do changes to your system and install recovery.

Most of the times you might have seen our many posts showing that you have to flash the zip to install those files in your device by using any custom recovery.

What does the custom recovery do? It actually flashes the zip and the binaries which are available in that zip it will check for that files and help us to flash on our mobile phone.


Let’s take an example of the Dolby Atmos which you will be going to install in your device. Then it will throw an error? Or else the application would not work on your device.

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Just because it is specifically designed for using in the mobile phones such as Lenovo and Videocon. This custom recovery flashes that zip file for us and it helps a lot to flash many new things.

If you are not getting the recovery for your phone then you are at the right place there are chances your phone gets the custom recovery.

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What Is Kernel?

Basically, every big operating system has a kernel. For example, Windows has a kernel, Android has a different kernel, BlackBerry has a different kernel too.

What are the kernels?

Kernels are something which works as an intermediate agent or we can say a middleman of the software and hardware.

Why middle men? For example, you click on the volume button that is a hardware that, hardware message is passed to the kernel and the kernel will pass it to the software that the user wants to decrease the sound or increase it.

Then you will get a pop-up on your screen. Most of the kernels have different CPU speed and different CPU working processes. So we change this kernel to get the better battery life and sometimes for better performance.

Now you have the idea about the custom kernels and recovery let’s move on to the next step what is flashy and what does this application do?

Note – This Trick May Void Your Phone Warranty Or May Also Brick Your smartphone. Please try this trick at your own risk.

Install Flashify And Install Stock Recovery And Kernels

Flashify is the tool from which you can install stock recovery, custom recovery and flash kernels too. There are mostly famous kernels are available and you can download those kernels on your mobile phone.

If you have to flash system.img, Userdata.img, Boot.img, and etc you can easily flash it with this application. 

Flashing those zip files is easy and you can take a backup of these kernels and stock recovery in one click. This is a complete tool for those who generally flashes zip files and other programmes.

This is a small version of the application from which you can flash 3 times in a day. Also, checkout How To Make Money From FacebookIf you want to flash more zip files then you have to buy the premium of the application.

You can take the backup of your kernel in your Dropbox, Google Drive and many other places which are really a good feature for backing up the kernel and stock recovery.

Now, if you have to flash the newer version of your recovery that too you can do it easily by using this tool on your phone. Which makes easy and lucid process. No need of computer and nothing.

What you need is a working internet connection on your phone. Whenever you want to flash something in your device just flash it. We have also shared about Many of times people’s feel irritating to put their phone into recovery with this tool you can easily do that too. In your device.


  • Flash anything without using computer
  • Flashes custom recovery without using desktop / laptop
  • Flashes zip files without going into recovery


  • Sometimes your mobile may misbehave while instaling the files
  • Your phone may go into boot loop


How To Flash Custom Kernel In Your Device

Step 1: Open the application and click on Boot.img

Step 2: Choose any kernel of your choice from the list

Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify

Step 3: Now open the mobile will be rebooted to apply the effect

How To Flash Custom Recovery In Your Device Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and click on Recovery.img

Step 2: Choose the recovery which ever you like the most. I would suggest you to use TWRP recovery

Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify

Step 3: Now, Wait till the recovery will be installed in your device

Step 4: Your phone will reboot and the custom recovery will be installed in your device

How To Flash Zip Files Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and click on the zip file

Step 2: Now, from the explore choose the file which ever your want to flash

Step 3: Choose the recovery of your smart phone which ever is already installed in your device

How To Backup Recovery and Kernel of Your Device

Step 1: Open the application and swipe from the right or else click on Backup/Restore

Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify

Step 2: Now, if you want to backup the recovery just click on the recovery option or else click on kernel to backup your kernel

Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify

Step 3: Now, the kernel will be backed up on your device.

How To Reboot Into Recovery, Bootloader,  and Reboot Directly Using Flashify

Step 1: Open the application and click on the menu button

Flash Custom Recovery Using Flashify

Step 2: Now, your phone will boot in to recovery and you will be able to flash the files easily using Flashify


You can use this application to flash zip files on your device with just a single click and you can also avail the applications good benefits.

This application is having good features if you love this application you can also buy the premium version of the application and support the developer.

Make sure you have backed up your device. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more tips and tricks if any issues feel free to comment below 🙂

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