How to Enable Ambient Display Feature in Any Android Device

Ambient Display feature some of them might have seen this feature on their Android device which is available in display settings of your device and some of them might not have seen this feature. Today I am going to tell you the two best way to enable ambient display feature on any android device.

Now, some of the devices are not having this feature, and some of them might be having it. The reason behind this is simple that is your phone is not updated to latest version of Android or else your phone is old enough.

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I will be telling you the two best way from which you can easily install this feature in your device in rooted and as well as the non rooted Android device.

In the rooted Android device, you need to install Xposed installer on your device and in the non-rooted android device you need to install an application called as AC Display.

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What is Ambient Screen?

The ambient screen is the feature which helps you to view the notifications without unlocking your Android device. Let’s take an example given below.

Suppose I have a device in which Ambient Display feature is turned on. Now, my friend is sending me a message, and at that time I am busy for a moment. I will remove my phone from pocket and check the notification without unlocking the phone.

This feature was introduced first in all the lollipop devices which are the best feature given by the Google. If not available for your device. Let’s look at the below guide.

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Enable Ambient Screen

Enable Ambient Display Feature on Any Android Device

Ac Display is the application which will be helping you enable Ac display feature on your Android device. You will be installing the application called as Ac display from play store.

This application is free, and you don’t need to pay a penny to the developer, and without spending any money, you can easily avail this feature in your device.

There are some limitations which you need to follow just because the ambient display feature in this application is not that good. Your phone is non-rooted this is the reason.

But you can enjoy the same feature of the Ambient screen which is used by another Android device if your phone is rooted.

If you have an android device which is already rooted, then you can only install the Xposed installer and install the module on your device.

This way the feature of the Ambient display will be available in your Settings Display and then you can quickly turn on and turn off the feature on your device.

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How to Enable Ambient Display Feature in Any Android Device (Non-Rooted Device)

  • Firstly Download the application called as Ac Display from Play Store.
  • Open the application, and you will see a yellow warning option just click on it.
  • Now, there you will see two options now you need to enable the settings. Click on Device Admin and activate the permission of the application.

Enable Ambient Screen

  • Click back and then click on Notification access.

Enable Ambient Screen

  • Allow the notification access in your device.

Enable Ambient Screen

  • Now, you can turn on this option on your device and you are done.


How to Enable Ambient Display Feature in Any Android Device (Rooted Device)

Enable Ambient Display xposed framework

  • Now, download ambient display module from here: Download
  • Install the module on your device and now click on Modules.

Enable Ambient Display xposed

  • Activate the module and restart your device.
  • Go to Settings — Display — Ambient Display option. You can now turn on this option on your device.

Enable Ambient Display

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Wrapping up

This way you can easily enable ambient display feature on your Android device.

I hope you love this article. If you face any difficulty, then feel free to comment below.

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