Download InstaUltra Latest Version For Android 2019

There are so many applications already on my phone, so why do I need InstaUltra and what is InstaUltra?

Let’s get there in a minute. First, let’s talk about Instagram:

Life is all about cherishing small moments and what better way than capturing and sharing those experiences through images and videos.

Images can tell a million stories, and Instagram from Facebook is the most popular social application in telling these million stories to its more than 500 million active users.

This photo and video sharing application have made our lives simple, fun, and creative as we can capture, edit, and share photos with our friends and loved ones.

Though Instagram is a fantastic application, it has its limitations. For this purpose, we have InstaUltra, which is an Instagram mod. In simpler words, it is almost like Instagram with additional features and a bit better version of the actual application.

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InstaUltra – The Instagram mod unleashed

InstaUltra is an entirely free Instagram mod, i.e. modified application of Instagram. It has features and performance similar to the earlier mod GBInstagram. InstaUltra is a fancy application and the best alternative for GBInstagram.

InstaUltra APK, developed by Sommer Damous, has the functionality to download every small experience of yours, which is in the form of an image, story, or video onto your Android phone.

These are just some of the many features this excellent app provides.

The developers who go by the name of Soula Mods, have other such cool contributions to the Android world. One such project is Soula WhatsApp.

The sad part is as these applications are modified versions of the actual applications, they aren’t available on Google Play Store.

Let’s have a look at the add-on features that this mod has in store for you:

Download InstaUltra

Ease Functions:

  1. An easy peasy super-fast download of videos, photos, and stories to your internal phone storage with simple shortcuts
  2. Impressed by someone’s bio or want to troll someone? Most definitely copy their golden worded bio. That too not just your friends but anyone on Instagram
  3. If you are a video buff and audio is what you love while watching videos, just set the audio on as a default option on InstaUltra
  4. It supports in-app links
  5. Save multiple photos at a click with Click-to-Capture option
  6. Imagine you search for a friend but damn their profile picture is so small you can’t identify that person. This APK is there for your rescue. Just press and hold to zoom in on the profile picture
  7. Meme game is strong nowadays. Various pages upload hilarious content in video format. But as your friends don’t follow the same page, they get annoyed as the post is hidden or the video is no longer available to make them laugh. No problem! Download the stories and share them whenever with your friends
  8. How many screenshots will you take for each thing you might like on Instagram. Now you could also copy comments with InstaUltra
  9. InstaUltra supports x86 devices
  10. You could now share or copy the URL of photos and videos like any other URL of a social profile
  11. This app is anti-ban just like GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp

Privacy Functions:

  1. Though Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram, WhatsApp has many privacy options which are unavailable on Instagram. Now keep your worries at bay by downloading the InstaUltra APK because this app cares for your privacy. It has No-one-shall-know when you view their status feature. Awesome right! You see what you want to see and BAM! You were never there
  2. Just like WhatsApp, it hides your seen and read ticks as well
  3. You may view Live videos without being noticed
  4. Surprise! Surprise! You were typing, but the opposite person couldn’t view what you were typing. Yes, hide “Typing” on your DM with this super ultra

Aesthetic Functions:

  1. Too bored of how Instagram looks? You can now customize the way it looks by setting themes. You could feed your Feed with the look and feel you want. You could change the header and bottom bar styling and also customize the stories tab
  2. Long press on the Home button unleashes the InstaUltra settings
  3. More features are coming soon

How To Download InstaUltra On Your Android Device

Here’s where you can download this super awesome updated app without fearing of any viruses creeping into your android phone:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” color=”#ffffff” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: arrow-down”]Download[/su_button]

Version Info:

Name InstaUltra
Updated on 5th Sept 2019
Size 52 MB
Version A
Developer Sommer Damous
Based on


It may seem a bit difficult to understand how to download an APK and install an app instead of simply using the Google Play Store. But it isn’t difficult at all. Just follow these simple and easy to install steps, and you are good to go.

As we have learned what InstaUltra is capable of, let’s learn how to install this app on android:

Step 1: Download from the link provided above. Once done, search for the downloaded APK, i.e. InstaUltra APK on your phone.

Download InstaUltra

Step 2: Tap to download the APK. Due to the security feature enabled by android phones, it may ask you to give permission to install APKs from unknown sources. You will have to enable it.
If you missed enabling it, you could go to Settings>> Privacy>>Unknown sources.

Download InstaUltra

The InstaUltra application will replace your default Instagram application.

Step 3: Open the application. Expected to something different? Nah! The logo and look remain the same as Instagram. Upon making changes post-login the look and feel will change as per your customization.

Step 4: Login using your credentials to access the application and Unleash the ultimate features of InstaUltra app.

Download InstaUltra

How to Download Instagram Images, Videos, Stories & IGTV Videos

  • Open InstaUltra application on your phone
  • Now, click on any post and, you will see the three-dot menu option on Instagram, click on it.
Download InstaUltra
  • Then you will see an option called “InstaUltra Options.”
Download InstaUltra
  • Just click on it, and then you will see an option to download the image. You need to click on it.
Download InstaUltra
  • Just download it and if your phone asks you for some storage permission, then allow it.
  • That’s it, and you have downloaded your first Instagram image on your phone without losing quality and cropping any image on your phone.


Images shall indeed tell you a million stories, but it’s time for InstaUltra to tell those stories instead of Instagram. InstaUltra gets better with each upgrade, enabling more features for users like you.

It is the best Instagram mod to download anything on Instagram, be it images, videos, or stories and gives you more privacy.

So, cherish old memories and make more of them using the incredible features of InstaUltra.

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and let them know about this amazing mod of Instagram.

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