How To Solve Device Incompatible Error In Google Play Store While Installing Any Application

Hey guys whatsup so today I am gonna show you, How to solve the play store error while installing some applications it throws error that the device isn’t compatible while installing some application. So how to solve this type of error this errors is shown in many Samsung devices. When we try installing applications such as just dial, Instagram and many more applications so how to solve this kinds of errors


Follow the trick which I am doing if any issue happened it can lead your mobile to get bricked. I am not responsible for any damage caused to your device

How to solve this issue by Editing Build.Prop Editor

  • Install Root explorer from HERE
  • Now goto /system/ directory from your mobile and down there will be a file named Build.prop
  • Create a Copy of Build.prop if in future if anything wrong happens so your mobile will be safe
  • Now select the file and open the file in text editor
  • Now when you will open the text editor find this 2 lines which are very much Important to solve this issue
  • ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer
  • Change this lines to the given following line

· ro.product.model = Nexus S
· ro.product.manufacturer = samsung

  • Only if you are using Samsung mobile if you have to edit of another mobile comment below i will surely help you out
  • After doing this change save it and delete build.prop.bak file
  • Now clear the data of Google Play Store
  • Now install any application you have to install there would be no error of device incompatible

If Any Issue Feel free to comment and stay tuned for updates 😉

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