Download FMWhatsApp 7.99 Latest Version Apk For Android 2019

This message was deleted

Are you tired of seeing this message again and again?

Today, I have an app which will allow you to bypass this warning.

The name of the app is FMWhatsApp which allows the users to read the deleted message.

There are a lot of features like this in FMWhatsApp which you can enjoy on your phone.

In this article, I will tell you the features, installation guide and everything about FMWhatsApp.

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2009 was a landmark year for texting.


Because that’s the year in which WhatsApp began its very successful reign in the world of text messaging!

Before WhatsApp, mobile phone users had no way to communicate other than traditional SMSes, which proved to be expensive even under the cheapest service provider schemes.

When WhatsApp was launched, it changed the whole game by allowing users to send free text messages!

Since then, WhatsApp has evolved immeasurably.

Last seen, read receipts, WhatsApp statuses, deleted messages, voice messages and so much more has been introduced since then that Version 1.0 would barely even be recognizable to today’s users!

But of course, not every change in the much-loved and extremely popular app has been appreciated by the majority of its users.

Some changes have left users cynical, and others, deeply unhappy.

The ‘delete messages’ feature is one such example that’s left users utterly divided.

The fact that you’re reading this article right now is enough to know that you’re certainly a WhatsApp user (well, that, and the fact that it’s 2019!). And as any WhatsApp user, there have been app revamps and developments along its long 10-year journey that have left you perhaps a little less than satisfied.

Luckily, I have a quick, easy fix for you: FMWhatsApp.

What is FMWhatsApp?

Well, it is designed specifically for users like you, who’ve been disappointed by the moves WhatsApp has taken along the way, but still enjoy its pocket-friendly texting format.

FMWhatsApp is an external mod (which means a customised version of a popular application) which can be downloaded in order to enhance the functions your WhatsApp application carries out.

There are a lot of other features which you can enjoy with the help of FMWhatsApp.

If you have a rooted phone you can also use the app called WA Tweaker.

Why you should use FMWhatsApp?

No one’s satisfied with basic. You tattoo your skin and buy unique phone covers, you go out of your way to ensure your vehicle is customised with stickers or paint. Then why should you settle for a basic version of one of the most common applications on this planet?

The FMWhatsApp mod provides you with several unique new features, many of which I’ve included down below, so you know if it’s your cup of tea.

FMWhatsApp Package Name

There is a different version of FMWhatsApp which you can install it on your phone.

If you want to install three WhatsApp on your phone you can do so easily with the help of FMWhatsApp.

The only thing you need to install the app of different package names.


  • FMWhatsApp with Official WhatsApp Package Name (Samsung Devices not supported)
  • Replace Stock app (1st Number)
  • Same as WhatsApp Plus


  • Dual FMWhatsApp (Samsung Devices supported)
  • Use Second (2nd) Number


  • Replace GBWhatsApp and use the second number
  • DOES support: Samsung Galaxy S5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – Note 4, 5, 7, 8


  • FMWhatsApp
  • Android Phone

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats

  • Open official WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap on the menu button in the top-right corner and then click on settings

FMWhatsApp Settings

  • Now, click on the chats option.

Backup chats using FMWhatsApp

  • Click on the chats backup option to backup all your chats on your phone.

How to Install FMWhatsApp on Android (5)

  • Then you need to click on the backup button and select a backup account.

How to Install FMwhatsApp on Android (6)

  • The backup will get started automatically.


How to Install FMWhatsApp On Your Android

App Name FMWhatsApp
Last Updated On June 26, 2019
Version v7.99
App Size 45.3 MB
Android Version Requires 4.0 and upper
Total Downloads 5,00,000+
Developer Fouad Mods
Packages com.fmwhatsapp
  • Install the application and you may get an unknown source warning. Click on the settings button.


  • Enable installation of apps from all the sources.


  • Hit the back button and try installing the application again on your phone.


  • Launch the app and click on “Accept and Continue.


  • Enter your phone number and start your WhatsApp

Download-FMWhatsApp-2-576x1024 (2)

  • Complete the verification process using SMS of Call verification. Then you need to add your name.

Enter your name in FMWhatsApp

  • That’s it; now you’ve successfully installed FMWhatsApp on your phone.


Features of FMWhatsApp:

There are a lot of features which you can enjoy on FMWhatsApp. I have listed and explained some of the best features of FMWhatsApp which you can enjoy on your phone.

1: Password protection!

Did you live out your childhood in mortal fear of your mother stumbling upon your secret diary?

Did you password-protect your first phone in the ninth grade because you were paranoid about nosy siblings going through your messages?

Whatever it was, you obviously had your reasons to doubt your privacy. And no matter how difficult the passwords and pins you’d picked were, they were all eventually breached by some of the other clever friends.

The best way to keep snooping eyes out of your inbox is to incorporate a passcode on your WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, this service isn’t supported by your regular WhatsApp application.

This is exactly where FMWhatsApp comes in! With the help of this application, you can input a pass lock not just on your WhatsApp application, but also on individual chats as well!

You can secure specific chats along with your main application! Now, I’ve got to admit, that’s a whole different level of sneaky.

If you want you can also use WhatsApp as your personal note app.

Security in FMWhatsApp

2: No Photo Compression

Getting high-quality pictures on our friends’ Pixel 3 XL makes us all feel good.

But what about when they try to send us the pictures on WhatsApp?

The quality gets diluted because of the high level of photo compression, resulting in you receiving photographs on WhatsApp of a quality lesser than the level they were when they were clicked!

Imagine if you were able to transfer and receive high-quality photographs on WhatsApp itself, instead of having to go through the long process of emailing or Bluetooth transfers.

These are long-winded measures adapted by those desperate to keep up their photo quality while being unable to capture images on their phone.

This is a feature that was highly requested not just by people who use WhatsApp for personal reasons, but for professional as well!


3: Bigger Media Size Limit

One of the most annoying things about WhatsApp—at least for me, personally—has to be the media size limit.

Know when you have to send a friend a large video?

Or, well, what WhatsApp deems as large … which might be anything that’s over one minute (really, it all depends on the quality of the video rather than the length).

WhatsApp does that annoying thing where it’s just not possible to send a video because the size is too large.

Thanks to the FMWhatsApp upgrades, though, this can be fixed!

FMWhatsApp allows you to share videos of whatever length you feel comfortable. It is not compulsory to ensure that they fit into the tiny WhatsApp media size limit.

Bigger File Sizes FMWhatsApp

4: Customized Themes!

Green-white-green-white-green … No matter how many times we change our Whatsapp chat backgrounds to be as colourful and vibrant as possible, at the end of the day the format remains the same, resulting in the WhatsApp aesthetic to be boring, dull and repetitive.

FMWhatsApp allows you to fix this by changing themes.

This means that design items like fonts, the whole look of the chat, the colours of the texts you send and receive are fully customizable by the user.

For those who like being a little unique, being able to customise their theme is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, it’s an easy and quick way to bring about refreshing change to the same WhatsApp screen you spend hours on every day—and eventually, do get bored of.

By changing themes, it’s like breathing fresh air into the same chat platform without actually switching your base messaging medium.

Moreover, FMWhatsApp also allows you to upload bios/text statuses of up to 250 characters when the classic WhatsApp only allows you to upload about 120 characters of text.

This is incredibly useful if you want to upload a line from your favourite song, but … it’s just too big! And of course, watch your friends get confused the moment they get a peek of your customised WhatsApp!

Themes-FMWhatsApp (1)

6: New Emojis!

Ever since August 2018, when WhatsApp revamped their in-app emojis for Android users, there have been multiple complaints.

I mean, how can we help it when they just don’t look as great as the old ones?

Gone are our cute smiley faces and the iconic little yellow face with the blue tears streaming down its face in rivers. The emojis for the past six months have been ugly, enormous and, well, odd.

And this is not just my opinion—it’s one that’s shared by Android WhatsApp users all over the globe.

Luckily, with FMWhatsApp, it’s possible to incorporate new emojis into our daily chats without them looking hideous, strange, or downright weird.

These ones are so much better than the basic ones offered by the classic WhatsApp version that so many of my friends have texted me back in equal measures, asking me how I was able to incorporate them into my app!

So if you, too, have emoji troubles, don’t worry. You don’t have to limit your emoji usage. FMWhatsApp truly has some of the most quirky and fun emojis out there!

New Emoji FMWhatsApp

7: Multiple WhatsApp Accounts!

Anyone who’s grown up with a sibling knows this … Sometimes you just have to share devices.

If not with your brother or sister, you might have to end up borrowing your parents’ phones in short segments to catch a sneak of your best friend’s WhatsApp status update or check your class group for homework and test schedules.

Perhaps you had a family tablet that you were supposed to install your WhatsApp account on, so your parents could always keep a track on all your social interactions.

Whatever it entails, sharing personal chats and messages is certainly not an enjoyable experience for anyone.

But what happens when it’s a compulsion? Maybe, in adulthood, you find it necessary to keep your business and personal chats separate. Or perhaps you have a child or other family member yourself now, you need access to your device in order to chat online.

Whichever the case, the struggles are the same as your teenage/childhood years.

This is why FMWhatsApp has introduced a clever new feature in which you can log in with multiple accounts on one single device.

You can also use apps like YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Prime in this case.

You can use different WhatsApp accounts without having to buy a brand new device for it.

Not only is this useful in a family setting, but is incredibly essential to business people or enterprises in general, where you would like to keep your business and personal interactions separate.

Imagine, with just a single click, you could open a whole new WhatsApp homepage with all-different contacts and chats. I know it sounds wild, but it’s incredibly useful.

Use multiple whatsapp using FMWhatsApp

8: Disable Forward tag!

One of the most annoying features for businesses that use WhatsApp is that little ‘Forwarded’ tag that allows the recipient to know that the message they’re being sent is not original, but has been mass-sent to them along with a vast database of other customers.

Business accounts constantly need to mass-forward texts to multiple clients or customers.

The need to communicate the same message to multiple people is natural for any enterprise, and completely understandable.

However, customers like to believe they are receiving communication unique to them and tailored specifically to their needs.

While it may be true that the message was designed keeping a business’ consumers in mind, customers still feel a forwarded message does not carry the same level of authenticity as a message typed out specifically for them.

This is why, once the forwarded tag was introduced, Communications and Sales personnel in many companies all over the world were incredibly unhappy. There was just no way they could win with this one!

That is, of course, until FMWhatsApp introduced a feature that allows you to disable this tag on all your sent messages.

This means that, even if you forward your messages, your recipient won’t come to know. Just like old times!

You manage to retain all the credibility and goodwill that an original message garners, and the consumers do not lose trust in you and are less likely to mark your communication as spam.

Meanwhile, other organisations would still be getting the pesky forwarded tag slapped onto their messages.

This gives you a huge edge over your competition as you stand out amongst them as a brand that does not copy-paste communication and customises for its audience—whether you do or you don’t.

If you’re a business owner you can also chat with someone without saving their number.

Disable WhatsApp Forward Tag using FMWhatsApp


  • [Base Update] 2.19.34
  • [Exclusive] Know Deleted Status
  • [Exclusive] Custom Online toast! Enable for specific people (find it in Contact Profile)
  • [Added] Meeting MOD to pause internet for WhatsApp only (Option 5.0.6)
  • [Added] Change Date Pending msg in story colour (Option 2.1.16)
  • [Added] Change Status Seen Circle colour (Option 2.1.17)
  • [Added] Change Status UnSeen Circle colour (Option 3.1.18)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Muted Story updates (Option 2.3.9)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Viewed Story updates (Option 2.3.10)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Recent Story updates (Option 2.3.11)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Frequently contacted (Option 3.3.9)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Other contacts (Option 3.3.10)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Recent chats (Option 3.3.11)
  • [Added] Option to pin group description to chat (Chat 3-dot menu > Group Description)
  • [Added] Change Deleted msg icon colour (Option 3.1.17)
  • [Added] Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store
  • [Fixed] Status Saving button issues
  • [Fixed] Status incorrect story saving
  • [Fixed] Calls privacy not saving the chosen list
  • [Fixed] Pics in chat (Inside) not working properly
  • [Fixed] Random crashes in conversation
  • [Fixed] Random Android O+ emoji crashes
  • [ALERT] Anti-Delete for Messages and Status by default (turn off if you want).
  • [Misc] More bug fixes and improvements!

Final Verdict:

What I’ve mentioned above are just a few choice examples of all the ways you can take advantage of FMWhatsApp—whether for personal or for professional purposes.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check it out for yourself right now!

I hope you found this article informative, and if you did, I’d love to see you back on here for more great content just like this!

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