Top 10 Most Secure Smartphones For Privacy & Security 2019

The growing advancement in technology has made us dependent on it.

One of the examples is smartphones which have become an integral part of our lives.

Nowadays, there is nothing that a smartphone is incapable of doing.

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Due to their flexibility and more productive features, smartphones are being adopted by a huge market.

Smartphones are increasing the value of not only wireless technology but also of wireless tablets and notebook computers.

So, having a smartphone has a lot of benefits, but it can turn out to be a disadvantage if it is not properly secured.

If you really think about it, our life is contained into a small smartphone – right from our selfies to our personal and business contacts and our bank details.

Thus, having access to a list of some of the most secure smartphones proves to be handy.

This is your guide to some of the most secured smartphones

Our mobile phones are an easy target if we have a stupid attitude towards its security.

Our cell phone is an ideal way for cyber-criminals to gain access to our immeasurable amount of personal data.

Thus it is very important to have secured smartphones especially when they have become a vital part of our life.

But the question here is: Is there any phone which is perfectly secure?

So the answer is no, there is no perfectly secure smartphone, but in the modern era, you require a smartphone just to cope in society.

So the question then becomes: Which phone is lesser of all the evils?

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We have hereby listed the top 10 most secure smartphones.

Most Secure Smartphones

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Top 10 Most Secure Smartphones For Privacy & Security 2019

#1 Blackberry DTEK50

When Blackberry’s DTEK50 was launched they claimed that it was the most secured smartphone in the world.

This phone has a good camera, fingerprint sensor, and it also has a built-in BlackBerry security.

The built-in Blackberry security protects your private details from being hacked. DTEK50 has a password keeper to store all your passwords securely.

It encrypts your data, thus protecting it from malware, hacking, and also any attempts to tamper with your phone.

BlackBerry is leading all Android smartphone when it comes to safety and privacy.

Security is fully integrated into our device hardware and OS.

Worried about protecting your business data and personal privacy? well then Blackberry DTEK50 is one of the most secure smartphones you can opt for.

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#2 Boeing Black

Boeing Black is one of the most secure smartphones.

It is designed by the US aerospace giant in collaboration with BlackBerry.

The phone runs a heavily custom-made version of Android. It comes with trusted data transmissions for connections of both unclassified and classified networks.

It was once stated that Boeing black offers “Fort Knox-like” security.

If the phone ascertains that someone is trying to meddle with it, it will automatically destroy itself.

The data and software are deleted and the phone thus becomes inoperable.

This feature helps to ensure that any attempt to break open the casing of the device will trigger the auto-deletion of the data and software on it.

boeingblack most secure smartphone

#3 Turing Phone

The Turing Phone is made up of Liquidmorphium.

Liquidmorphium is an alloy of copper, aluminum, nickel, silver, and zirconium.

The makers of this phone claim that the phone is unbreakable.

It assures ‘total protection’ from hackers, malware, and data theft.

Turing Phone is a 5.5-inch smartphone, running Android 5.1 and has 2.5GHz Krait processor with 3000mAh battery.

Although it is a little under-specced, with 16GB of storage in the entry-level model, it does have a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel model on the front.

The phone is designed with security providing end-to-end encryption.

It is built into most of the core apps on the phone.

The Turing Phone is meant to be unbreakable and unhackable.

It is also waterproof, as it has nano-coating on the internals.

But if you put the Phone in the water, water will get in as it’s not designed to be sealed.

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#4 Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL

Google’s latest and greatest phones are Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google has some of the world’s best smartphone cameras and a powerful Snapdragon 845 chip-set.

Pixel 3 runs the stock version of Android Pie making it one of the most secure smartphones.

In case there is a vulnerability spotted in Android’s software, the first ones to receive security patches is the Pixel phones.

Security patches are timely rolled out by Google thereby protecting the user against any known exploits.

Security has been a priority for Pixel, including monthly security updates and yearly OS updates.

Along with the most secure version of Android, Google Pixel 3 also has the Google Play Protect in order to help safeguard your phone from malware.

With Pixel 3, Google is advancing its investment in secure hardware with Titan M.

It is an enterprise-grade security chip custom built for Pixel 3 to secure the users’ most sensitive on-device data and OS.

With these security features, I am sure it is evident that Google Pixel 3 is one of the most secure smartphones.

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#5 iPhone XS and XS Max

The most powerful smartphone available to consumers is Apple’s newest and most expensive iPhones.

The iPhones have just 4GB RAM but their A12 Bionic chip that is used in the iPhone XS helps to prevent attacks as it has built-in security features.

iOS 12 has escalated the security game.

Everybody is aware that Apple controls iPhone’s both software and hardware thereby allowing it to roll out software updates quickly.

User privacy has been of utmost priority for Apple.

Keeping this in mind, iPhone also added face recognition feature i.e. Face id.

Some believe that the Face id Feature is more secure than the fingerprint. However, there is an ongoing argument as to which one is more secure.

The argument is based on the fact that if you have an identical twin the phone can be easily unlocked.

iPhone has also added a kill switch feature to iOS 7 which allows its user to lock and wipe their iPhone’s if they are lost or stolen.

We can’t disagree that these security features make the iPhone one of the most secure smartphones.

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#6 K iPhone

Although iPhone Xs is secure, if you are looking for better security than the iPhone XS modified K iPhone is an amazing option for you.

A company called KryptAll has designed this special version of the iPhone exclusively for security.

The firmware of this phone has been changed and it has its own VoIP applications.

This ensures complete encryption of all phone calls. Your conversations cannot be decrypted by even KryptAll and law enforcement agencies.

Enhancing the system KryptAll uses an Internet connection through Wi-Fi or 3G thereby safely encrypting the content and it does not leave any trace and it is impossible to record any of the data that was called.

The user receives the K iPhone completely programmed and operational through broadband Wi-Fi service.

The user can also subscribe to any cellular 3G. Due to its high-security features, it is priced at $4,500.

k-iphone most secure smartphone

#7 Solarin

Sirin Labs, a company based in Israel made the smartphone Solarin with the help of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Priced at $13,500, this smartphone is not for everyone. Solarin is a high-end phone with built-in high-end security features.

It comes with a Security Shield mode. This mode creates a zone isolated for encrypted calls and messages. For the security of emails, it has ProtonMail.

It is claimed by Sirin Labs that Solarin provides “the most advanced privacy technology that is currently not available outside the agency world.”

The Lab has also stated that its first smartphone ‘Solarin’ includes “Military Grade” Encryption which is integrated into its hardware.

The phone runs on the processor called Snapdragon 810. It also offers AES Encryption of 256-bit. )

Although priced high, Sirin Lab’s Solarin is definitely one of the most secure smartphones as rightly claimed by the company.

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#8 Blackberry Key 2

Yet again BlackBerry’s device is in our list of most secure smartphones.

Blackberry’s Key 2 is a device that monitors threat in real-time basis thus providing you with proactive security.

If you like capturing photos, but concerned about privacy, you will be glad to know that this phone has a dual camera which is set up on the back.

It also features an integrated fingerprint sensor.

Although the company has not succeeded in the consumer market, it definitely builds a few of the world’s most secure smartphones.

BlackBerry brought many of the security Improvements to Android when they made the switch from their old OS (BB10) resulting in one of the most secure smartphones in the market.

The processor of each handset of Blackberry Key 2 is injected with cryptographic keys.

The keys are different for every individual device off the line.

These keys are essential during the process of secure boot.

Blackberry’s Key 2 provides “Rollback Protection”. Knowing the fact that we often use your phone in public this device has an app which can help to protect you from intrusive neighbors.

You can use Quick Setting toggle or three finger swipes down gesture and you can launch privacy shade.

This darkens your display apart from for one small area thereby persisting you to view your screen harmlessly.

BlackBerry understands that at times you hand over your phones to others.

To protect your data, under those circumstances, BlackBerry added a feature called Locker.

Locker is a secure folder.

In order to access this folder, it requires fingerprint or password authentication.

Locker stores apps and files that will not appear in the app store or file manager.

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#9 Galaxy Note 9

Another one in the lists of the most secure smartphones is none other than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung had decided that it wanted to become the enterprise customer’s first choice of phone and their phones were already being used by millions of Android consumers.

Thus the plausible course of action was enterprise.

However, they wanted their device to be trusted by the businesses.

They realized that they require promising security besides what Android was provided at the time, thus Samsung Knox was formed.

Samsung Knox is a security platform providing deep-level of protection and both combinations of hardware and software solutions are used by it.

The goal of Knox is to differentiate your environment at work from your personal environment.

It also aimed at providing necessary protection to segregate each area effectively.

Galaxy Note 9 consists of a Secure Boot key.

In order to assure that nothing was manipulated, this key is used for the validation of each component at the time of bootup.

Unlike Blackberry’s KEY2, Knox handsets are rooted.

Samsung Knox devices consist of an e-fuse.

The e-fuse gives an indication if the device was tampered with.

The e-fuse is tripped when there is a detection of an unauthorized firmware and the device is unable to access the Knox Workspace.

Samsung Knox also protects the delicate data that is processed by Samsung apps.

Your phone cannot be switched off if you’re using a smart lock-screen protector.

This helps you to track your phone when it is lost or stolen. Samsung has two inbuilt features like ‘Find My Phone’ and ‘Find My Device’ that can help you to track your phone.

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#10 Blackphone 2

This device is launched by Silent Circle.

This phone runs SilentOS, a custom-built version of Android and it uses a proprietary ‘GoSilent’ firewall.

Its Security Center allows you to have complete control over app permissions and data sharing.

The Spaces feature separates both work and personal data.

The company claims that it has the world’s fastest vulnerability management.

This raises critical vulnerabilities within 72 hours of their detection or reporting.

Blackphone 2 has absolute privacy and it provides enterprise-grade performance.

It is powered by a processor called octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon and has a sensor camera of 13 MP BSI (Backside illumination).

This phone earns an extra brownie point because of its processor as it not only supports amazing communication but also delivers an excellent battery life.

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Final Verdict:

These phones were able to make to this list, as they were encrypted by default and gave an assurance that the data is protected from external threats.

Additional security features of these phones like fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, encryption and more are what really helped us to narrow down our list.

Some users just want nothing but the best when it comes to the security of data and privacy, even though these features are more than enough.

Thus only the phone with extra security features was focused upon along with the ones which come with the Android operating system we thereby eliminated many popular phones Like LG V40, Moto Z3 Play, LG G7 ThinQ, and OnePlus 6T.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

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