How to Fix Android is Starting Error on Android 7.0 and 7.1.1

You might have installed the custom ROM on your device. What do you do after installing the custom ROM? You install Gapps. You might have seen an error of Android is starting. Why this error has occurred and what is the fix for this error? Today, we are going to tell you the way to Fix Android is Starting Error on your Android phone.

Whenever you install any custom ROM for your Android device from XDA Forums then they provide specific instructions before installing the ROM. We prefer downloading the Gapps from OpenGapps. But there are some settings which are missing in the OpenGapps.

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I faced this issue some days back after installing the custom ROM on my device. I have tried everything to solve this bug. I tried the clean installation of the ROM but I failed several times. I checked for the tutorial on this problem didn’t find anything.

Then I found some Gapps which was provided by the developers which are known as Bank Gapps. The bank Gapps are having the scripts which can solve this issues of the Android is starting.

Fix Android is Starting Error After Installing the Custom ROM

These issues are increased in the Android version above 7.0 and 7.1. I have seen these issues in the Pixel Ported Custom ROM. There are many issues which are encountered after porting the custom ROM. This is the reason why Gapps are not working properly in these kinds of custom ROMs.

I have solved this error using the following Gapps and it is working fine in SDK 25. This Gapps are a bit big in size but it will work fine on your device if you are having the Android version 7.1.

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This Gapps is also having the feature to detect the Android version and the version of SDK your device is having which is great. Let’s check the way to solve this issue 🙂

Fix Android is Starting Error


How to Fix Android is Starting Error on Android 7.0 and 7.1

  • Firstly download the Custom ROM and Gapps into any folder.
  • Now, Switch off your phone and click on Volume Down + Power On. You can try your custom Recovery buttons.

Fix Android is Starting Error

  • Click on Wipe and just swipe the option and it will delete your data.
  • Click on install and install the custom ROM on your device.

Fix Android is Starting Error

  • Click Back and install the Bank Dynamic Gapps on your device.

  • Done! Reboot your phone and the error will be fixed.

Final Verdict:

This way you can Fix Android is Starting Error on Android 7.0 and 7.1. This error is mostly encountered in Android Pixel ported ROM or Pure Nexus.

I think you love this tutorial. Share the article with your friend who is facing this issues. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

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    • There might be any malicious application on your device, and I will suggest you format you phone once. This will surely help you out. This is because of some files or application which is the culprit and download the app from play store. If you are downloading any application, please check the permission which you are allowing the application.


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